Friday, April 17, 2009

You know what they say about "ass"ume?

I never claimed to be the smartest person in the world...and like everyone else...I sometimes assume things. You know what they say about assume right? Assume makes and ass out of me & u! I was given the task of going to the Satsuma City Council meeting to get our Garden Tour directional signs approved. Evelyn decided to come along and help me with this. At the meeting last Thursday, I could have sworn the ladies said the meeting was this upcoming Thursday (last night). I gathered my materials, and had everything ready. I asked Evelyn to meet me at City Hall at 6:30 so we could be put on the agenda. When we arrived, no one was one was still there at 6:50. Hmmmmmmm After making a phone call, I was informed that there was no meeting. Matter of fact...they don't even meet on Thursdays! So that's what you get for ASSuming!!! While we were waiting on the council meeting that wasn't, we went and visited a few beautiful friends...the Rose family. The Satsuma Library is right next door to City Hall. They have a beautiful rose bed out front, full of roses. Of course I whip out my camera and proceed to take pictures. Here are the roses in front of our beautiful library. The city does a great job of taking care of them.
After we realized there was no meeting, we decided to go pick up a local paper that had an article in it about our upcoming Garden Tour. The paper interviewed Evelyn and photographed her yard. It was a nice interview.
Evelyn jokingly refers to her husband as the "yard slave", which he hates! As I was reading the article I noticed that it referred to them both by name, I said to her, " Well I am so glad it doesn't say Evelyn and her yard slave of a husband."
Evelyn " Oh I know...he would kill me. "
Dirt Princess " I hope you didn't tell the reporter that you call him that..."
I didn't even get it out of my mouth. The next sentence read, 'Evelyn often refers to her husband as the yard slave'. OH NO!!!!!!
I could not stop laughing! She was about to die!!! It was very funny. Well maybe not for him. I am sure he will catch some flack about that nickname at work...poor guy!
Evelyn...I am sorry I assumed the meeting was last night. You were all dressed up and looked nice. If I know you, you were probably out in your yard working all day, and had to get dressed just for the meeting that wasn't.
Tell the yard slave Dirt Princess says hello.


Prospero said...

Well, I'm actually kind of a yard slave myself (and loving it).

The Mitchells said...

That's such a sickening feeling! At least you were able to enjoy the view! :-)

Outside In said...

Those roses are beautiful, and my hubby loves being a yard slave...he actually likes it!

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

LOL, I think if we all owned up to it we have all "ass"umed at one time. At least it was not a wasted trip because the rose pictures are beautiful.They are about a month ahead of our roses which bloom in June.

tina said...

Ha! You are funny. I sure hope the 'yard slave' does not even see the article! But I am guessing Evelyn is keeping it as a memento and he will see it. Urgh! Can you say doghouse?

The roses are gorgeous. And I really like how you arranged the first collage.

RainGardener said...

That's hilarious. Poor Evelyn. LOL Poor yard slave! The roses are beautiful - at least ya got to do something while you were there!

Becca's Dirt said...

Well - At least you got some photos. So it wasn't a total waste. Aren't we all yard slaves if you stop and think of it.

TheWritersPorch said...

The photos are great! I think I saw a Joseph's Coat. I bought root hormone at Wally World to try and root a few pieces of my JC Rose to give away!

gardenerprogress/Catherine said...

I hate when that happens :) At least you had some pretty roses to look at and a good laugh over the article!

Dirt Princess said...

Prospero - I think Becca hit the nail on the head...we are all yard slaves!

The Mitchells - what made it worse what the fact that I had a migraine and wanted to be at home in the bed to begin with!

Outside In - My husband said he is a slave at his regular he prefers not to be a yard slave!

Hocking Hills - The roses were definitely worth the trip. It is only 2 minutes from my house. I have been wanting to go photograph them for a while there ya go!

Tina- I tried to call her to see what the yard slave thought about it!!!

RG - I told her she should know better than to tell a reporter ANYTHING!!! They will print it

Becca - I feel more like a slave to my yard

Writers Porch - VERY exciting!!! Let me know how it goes. That will be a great give away

Catherine - I laughed until I cried. We took it by another garden buddies house to let her read it. We didn't tell her what it said. When she got to that part she died laughing.

Susie said...

Wow those are beautiful roses! How nice. Have a great gardening weekend!

Kim and Victoria said...

Ha ha. Yard slave. I'm sure my hubbie feels like that often enough. Nice roses.

muggle said...

Hahaaa, well, here I am in Taiwan even know that he is called "yard slave", please say hello for me too. :)

I like those roses!

Heather said...

I have done this on more occasions than I care to admit. Least I am not the only one:-D

Jesikarena said...

Thats Great! Yard slave! what an affectionate name LOL!

Kathleen from Eggs In My Pocket said...

How funny! At least you were prepared! I had a good chuckle over Evelyn's "yard slave". The roses are so beautiful! Wish I could get a rose garden growing like that! blessings,Kathleen

Tatyana said...

Thanks for the good laugh that I had reading your post! And the collage is beautiful!

Anonymous said...

What a funny story! At least you took some gorgeous photos of the roses!

Bren said...

Awee.... simply wonderful! Those roses you share are worth the hard work needed to be put into them to get them to grow. I am working on a new rose bed at the BGgarden. Stop by sometime!

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