Monday, April 6, 2009

Sweltering Sunday

Sunday was so hot and muggy. It was pretty overcast in the morning, but it was humid. The sun managed to come out around lunch and it got extremely hot! Then this morning it was in the high 40's! Crazy weather we have here! I started the day pretty early. I was riding through neighborhoods at 7am picking up bags of leaves! I came back, repaired the rose bed, planted some containers, cleaned the shade garden, cut the grass, and weeded (some)....all of this by 12:30! I was drained by 2pm and had to have a siesta!
Here are some pics of the Gazania I planted in the front yard. This is a new flowers I am trying. I have been wanting to plant them for some time. I just love them. I hope they work well. Here is my clematis. My mom actually rooted this for me from my grandmothers clematis. This is its third year. Clematis don't do much the first year, the second had a few blooms. The third year is when it really takes off! What amazes me about this plants is that the new growth forms from the dead growth from last year. You can actually see the dead stems in the photo. This is why I never remove the old stems.


Becca's Dirt said...

The Gazania is new to me but is a gorgeous flower. The blue clematis is a beautiful shade of blue. Just love it.

Susie said...

I have a gazania growing right now. Of course right now it is covered due to the freezing temps tonight.

Ginger said...

Ooh Dirt Princess I WANT some of that pretty clematis! How hard is it to root?

Printemps said...

New to your blog and gardening. Lovely Blue Clematis!

Dirt Princess said...

Becca - I will root you a clematis

Susie - How do gazania do for you? And don't worry...mine were covered as well

Ginger - I will root you a piece of my clematis and ship it to you!

Printemps - Thanks for visting with me :)

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