Saturday, October 31, 2009

Bilbo in movimento, rubrica A Milano, Italia

I am VERY excited to announce where Bilbo is headed on his next adventure! Did any of you figure out from the title post...I sure hope so!

Bilbo is headed to visit Sue Swift @ The Balcony FABULOUS Milan, Italy! This is his first trip to Italy!

I don't know who is more excited me or Bilbo!!!

So far Bilbo has been to:

Satsuma, Alabama

Jackson, Mississippi

Boise, Idaho

Winnipeg, Canada

Seattle (or somewhere near), Washington

Lincolnshire, England

Clemmons, North Carolina

Cork, Ireland

London, England

Gloucester, England

Tallahassee, Florida

Lake Fork, Texas

Albuquerque, New Mexico

Next stop...Milan, Italy!

You can view all of his adventures on the right sidebar. I have links to all of the blog posts on him!

I don't know when Bilbo's adventures will end, this is just way to much fun! He has met so many amazing people. Eventually when his travels do come to an end I am going to create a photo flip book so that everyone who has had him can purchase a copy to keep. That way we can all remember the fantastic adventures he has had.

There are just so many places for him to visit. I have had people from 79 countries view my blog, and Bilbo has only been to 4 countries (Italy will be 5) there are many places he has yet to see. A tropical island, a foot of snow, a rain forest jungle, the African plains....ya'll get the picture!

I hope ya'll are enjoying his travels as much as I am!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Where In the World is Bilbo: Albuquerque, New Mexico

Ok...I am a TERRIBLE mother of a gnome! I totally missed that Bilbo popped up yesterday! Shame on me...I know! So Sorry guys!!!! But HERE he is! He is visiting with Briana over at I Can't Decide in Albuquerque, New Mexico! Looks like he has been a big help to her! Although he did have a slight injury! But I think he will be fine soon, and be ready to travel again! There are 2 posts on him, so be sure to click each picture below to see the posts.
She will be drawing a new host soon so BE SURE to leave a comment on EACH post so that your name will be put in for the drawing! He will eventually make it around to each of you! There are so many places for him to visit! I know he wants to see some snow...maybe in Canada???? He has also mentioned a few other states he would like to ya'll keep on trying for him!!!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Living Vicariously Through Others....

That's what I was doing as I looked at these pictures The Hydrangea Queen (Ramona) emailed to me. Petals From the of my favorite places to visit! I have mentioned it in the past. It is such a great place. It is about 2-1/2 hours north of here in Jemison, AL. Exit 219 for you locals! If you are ever traveling on I-65 between Birmingham and Montgomery, Alabama....make time to stop by here and visit. It is just right off of the interstate. I can promise you that you will be very glad you stopped! Ramona had the pleasure of visiting just the other day. She snapped a few pictures for me to drool over! So I am going to pass them along to you, so you can visit vicariously with me!
They have a great little garden shop that sells the neatest things! Books, knick knacks, supplies, you name it they have it!
I am going to have to get up there soon! I love Christmas and looks like they have tons of Christmas goodies!
It is hard to tell from the looks of it but Fall is in full swing here! This is what Fall looks like in South Alabama! We are fortunate to have a 10 month growing season here!
And it is almost time to kick off........... thats right! Seed Swappin' with the Dirt Princess! I know ya'll are excited! We will kick off the seed swap in a day or two! So get ready and start making a list of what all you want to swap or what you would like! Any seeds are acceptable, flowers, fruits, name and we will swap it! I have several things to swap....zinnias, hibiscus, coneflowers, and I am also going to swap some flowers such as butterfly ginger, mexican petunia, and I am going to TRY to get some of the coveted Pagoda Plant! So ya'll get ready!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Fertilizer Friday

Yep....Its Fertilizer Friday! Click on the link above to go visit with Tootsie and see some other great blooms! I think my plants have Fall confused with Spring....because I am still in full swing here!
I have noticed several daffodils popping up! They will bloom in January. You can read all about my daffodil finds HERE!
Pagoda Plant
Mexican Petunia
Butterfly Ginger
The zinnia's just keep on coming!
Butterfly Bush
I STILL don't know the name of this vine...but its pretty!
Jacobean Plant
A little friend
Nandina is finally starting to turn
Black Eyed Susan about to bloom!
Mr. Bumble Bee!
It is hunting season once again, so that means most of my weekends will be spent at the hunting camp. I usually find lots of goodies during hunting season....that is when I found all of those daffodils! I am really excited about them and can't wait for them to bloom. This will be their first time to bloom in their new home!
I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Fall Fun!

What a wonderful Fall weekend! The weather here has been amazing! In the 60's during the day! My town celebrated their 50th Anniversary over the weekend, they had events starting Thursday through Sunday. Saturday they had a parade, and local vendors were set up in the park. It was packed! The Garden Club decided to have a booth, and do a plant give away. We had several members donate plants. We also raffled off a Satsuma tree.....fitting since I live in SATSUMA! Our town used to grow Satsuma's several years ago. Satsuma trees were a major source of income for the community. The men helped harvest the fruit, and the women helped box the fruit so it could be shipped.

There was a great little parade, with all the works!

Ramona & Audrey got to the park early to get our booth set up. They did a great job!
We had so many different types of flowers and seeds to give away.
The City of Satsuma always decorates the Square so festive for each holiday!
Audrey's granddaughter, Meaghan, came out to help as well. from what I here she will be joining the club as soon as she can drive!
Ruth, one of our members, runs the Kirk House and Gardens. You may remember THIS post on it. She donated all of these plants, so in turn we asked people to make donations to the club.
Our little Satsuma tree! We sold raffle tickets for a chance to win.
There was even live music in front of Gulf Coast Opera. Ya'll don't be jealous! Nashville has the Grand Ole Opera, and Satsuma has the Gulf Coast Opera!
The children seemed to be the most interested in gardening! We loved that! Start 'em out early!
Ramona bought a bouquet of flowers with her to put on our table. I noticed two bees on them. It was pretty cold, and they were barely moving. We snapped a few photos of them. they pretty much hung out there all day! Apparently bees don't like cold weather!
Audrey found the President of the Student Council from Satsuma High School, and asked him to draw the name of our Satsuma tree winner.
And the winner ended up being the grounds keeper from the City of Satsuma!!!
A few pictures of vendors.
This family LOADED up on plants. They took home atleast 10 plants!
how cute are the little gardeners!
It was a great day, and we got lots of free "PR" for or club!
Bilbo is once again on the move. This time he is heading to....well I'm not sure what city or state yet....I am working on that one...BUT he is going to visit with Brianna at I Can't Decide. As usual, I will keep you guys updated on his where abouts. I know there are alot of you that would like Bilbo to come visit you, so hang in there...because he will eventually make it to you. Just be sure to comment on his host's post when ever he pops up. I know I originally said his journey would end in October....but let's admit it....THIS IS FUN!!! Atleast it is to me. Are ya'll still enjoying Bilbo??????
....and I am working on the seed swap ;-)

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