Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Visit with the neighbor

My next door neighbor Mrs. Barbara (to the right side) also likes to garden. I just have a hard time catching her at home. She travels alot, so she is gone alot. I did manage to catch up with her yesterday. Her front yard is not that big, and it is 90% shade. She has a lot going on in such a small space and it looks great.
She has a pretty large rose bed in the front with several roses.
She has lots of hostas as well...BIG hostas at that. I have never seen hostas this big. She has them planted all along the front of the house. The crazy thing is that the hostas shown in the picture are in FULL sun! The hostas that are in the shade are half this size. Pretty strange considering hostas are "shade" plants. Makes me reconsider where I have mine planted. I love hostas, but I only love them when they are big like theses are. Not piddly ones like mine...blah!
They are great!
Out by her mailbox she has a GINORMOUS century plant. WOW!!! I take it for granted considering I drive by it everyday, but once you actually walk up to it, you get a grasp for how big it really is.
I am glad to be surrounded by neighbors who take pride in their yards, and garden. Well atleast the ones within eyesight.


Outside In said...

It is funny how hostas are suppose to be shaded plants, since I had a few trees cut down now it is in the sun they are a lot larger. Like the bleeding hearts I plant them in the sun rather in the shade and they grow twice the size.

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

What wonderful roses she has and that century plant is gigantic. I guess I just naturally figured hosta's would not survive in the hot sun.That is nice to know that the sun helps them get bigger.

Anonymous said...

Mrs. Barbara is a wonderful gardener!
The roses, hostas, and that Century Plant! All of the plants are beautiful.
It is nice you have such a talented neighbor.
Have a great day.

Susie said...

That century plant is beautiful and those hostas take the cake! I can't believe they are in the sun.

Ginger said...

Those hostas and that agave are unbelievable!!!

Phillip said...

What is that growing next to the mailbox???!!!

tina said...

You are so lucky to have gardening neighbors! I wish I did. That century plant is awesome.

Kim and Victoria said...

Some hostas actually like sun.

I wish people on our block took more pride in their gardens. It would make it more interesting to drive or walk down our short road.

Darla said...

It is nice when the neighbors garden too. The hostas that I have get part sun and they do pretty darn well.......good photos.

Me said...

What a great blog, and nice pictures too
you have a very beautiful place to life!

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Gr. Anna

Dirt Princess said...

Outside In - I think plants do what they want...don't mind what the tag says about them

Hocking Hills - There was an article recently about the South (South Alabama) and how we couldn't grow hostas...well guess what...we are

Pam - Thanks for visiting me :)

Susie - I can only hope mine get that big...if not I will move them where they will get more sun...why not!

Ginger - you would have to see the agave in person...HUGE!

Phillip - Mrs. Barbara calls it a Century plant. I am not familiar with them, but from what I gather, it is a very large century plant for South Alabama.

Tina - thank goodness they keep up their yards

K&V - it is nice that people get out and spruce things up. There are a few houses on my street that don't do a thing though. Of course we all have those

Darla - Thanks.

Me- Thanks so much for stopping by. I think it is beautiful here as well. I get to garden pretty much year round, no snow, no hard freezes. It is nice. I will be visiting you soon. :)

Jesikarena said...

OMG! It is ginormous!

Prairie Chicken... said...

Bloody hell. Look at the size of those hosta's. Mine are positively puney in comparison!

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