About Me

About me...hmmm...who is the Dirt Princess

I live in the deep South, where everyday is a bad hair day and bug repellent is considered perfume. Yes, I have a southern drawl...a big one.
I am a licensed interior designer and co-owner of an architecture and design firm. We do commercial and residential projects.

I would say I am a Southern Belle, just not your typical Southern Belle. I love to be outdoors, hunting, fishing, and gardening.
I love junk, especially other people's junk. One man's junk is another man's treasure. I frequent consignment shops to see what I can find. I love Goodwill...any thrift store for that matter. I love to find random pieces and make it into something spectacular.

I love digging in the dirt. It soothes my soul. There is nothing like digging a hole, throwing some seeds in it and watching it flourish into a beautiful flower.

I love photography. I don't do portraits...mainly still life objects.
Do bugs count as still life?
Here are a few more things I love (in no particular order)

painting - architectural pieces - old doors - razzles - Jesus - nail polish - makeup - hunting - owls - bandit edition firebird - turkeys - dahlias -wrought iron - columns - seeds - boots - jelly belly jelly beans - crowns - belt buckles - garden tours - architecture books - burlap - hats - mantles - farm sinks - seasonal decor - bottles - dishes - good friends - fabric - the smell of leather - blue eyes - big rings - feathers - nutcrackers - crosses - zinnias - wide open fields - farm sinks

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