Monday, April 13, 2009

Sunday's Best

The clematis is loaded!! I counted 20 blooms/buds on it. This is the best it has ever been. It is just beautiful. I also snapped a photo of the first coneflower to bloom. Ramona gave me the Singer sewing table a while back. I finally cut a piece of wood to put on it as a top. I need to paint it. I put it right by the front door. The tea kettle was my grandmothers. I drilled a few holes in the bottom and whalah!


RainGardener said...

How sweet - love the look of the old sewing machine with 'Grandmas' teakettle on it. Of course I'm nuts about anything and everything old. Your collage ain't too shabby either! ;-)
Actually, it's great with the picture in the center surrounded by flowers. Why can't I ever think of things this great?

Dirt Princess said...

RG - You are pretty creative. All gardeners are creative...whether they think so or not. We take an idea from our heads and bring it to life in our gardens.

Kim and Victoria said...

What a great collage!

Becca's Dirt said...

The clematis look gorgeous. The singer sewing machine cabinet is priceless. Great collage.

cherry said...

very pretty !!
What is the white flower with the petunia ?
My Mock orange is blooming :}

The Country Experience said...

Great collage!

Jesikarena said...

Love the collage but the sewing machine table is really great! very creative!

Ginger said...

Beautiful! How do you make the collage?

Dirt Princess said...

K & V - thanks, they are REALLY easy to make

Becca - I love the sewing machine stand

Cherry - The white flower in the tea pot with the petunia is a Gazania, the orange one is as well

Country - Thanks :)

Jesikarena - Glad you like

Ginger - I just emailed you

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