Wednesday, October 12, 2011

We May Have an Issue???

Thought ya'll would like to go on a tour of the Dirt Queen's (my mom) house. She goes all out for every holiday....which is probably where I get it from. However.....i'm worried we may have a slight issue. You see the Dirt Queen loves Goodwill and any other thrift store. LOVES it to the point that I joke with her that oneday my brother and I will probably have to do an intervention. I will admit....everything she gets is really good stuff, but its fun to pick at her.

So lets take a look at some of the Dirt Queen's good finds!

Dirt Queen cut down some old grapevines from the woods behind the house. She used them with the mesh and lights to decorate the door.

I am amazed at the amount of pumpkins the Dirt Queen finds at Goodwill!!!! Everytime she goes, she comes homes with what? A PUMPKIN!!! People...please don't take your pumpkins to Goodwill, please just contact me so I can give you directions and/or an address to send them to the Dirt Queen.

I am not sure where she got the witch and ghost from....but I do know that it wasn't Goodwill.

The witch was also a Goodwill find, and if I had to were the pumpkins.

The Dirt Queen bought this grapevine wreath and reuses it for each season. It has a small basket on the front that you can't really see, but she uses it to stash flowers.

Now, lets take a stroll through the house. When you come in the front door she has this little table full of halloween and fall decor....and of ALL came from Goodwill.

Over in the dining room she has the china cabinet decorated with ceramic pumpkins.

Now this particular pumpkin didn't come from Goodwill. This one actually belongs to me. It is on loan with the Dirt Queen until it gets relocated to my new house. This pumpkin was graciously given to me by Mary Kirk Kelly's daughter. She is in the garden club with me and I took some photos of Kirk House and Gardens for her, along with Mary K. Kelly's work.

I have always wanted a piece of MKK's work and I was beyond ecstatic when I got not only this pumpkin..but I also got another!

This is one of her teacups. If you aren't familiar with Mary Kirk Kelly's work, you should Google her! She is amazing. She uses real fruits and veggies to make molds to create her pieces. Each is hand painted and unique.

Sorry....lets get back to our tour...gotta a little side tracked for a second!

Moving right along.....the mantle is always decked out! The pumpkins in the basket on the bottom left, all came from Goodwill.

Top of the TV armoire in the living room

We found this bench a few months back at a consignment shop. The Dirt Queen found these scarecrows from Goodwill.

Can you believe that...sometimes I can't believe the good stuff she finds!

The corner of the breakfast room is adorned with pumpkins. Can you spot anything a little different in here? I will tell ya'll in a minute.

Console table in the breakfast area

I love the old quilt used as runner.

Another scarecrow from Goodwill

She is good at finding pumpkins and scarecrows from Goodwill can ya'll tell!

And another pumpkin and scarecrow...all from Goodwill.

Cute little Halloween dishes DQ found at Goodwill

Now, you gotta be kinda careful when you buy stuff from thrift stores. Sometimes they may be torn, broken....or mis-spelled. These blocks had a Target price tag on them, but the Dirt Queen got them from Goodwill. Either some employee on the production line was having a bad day or just didn't know how to spell because, I'm pretty sure this shouldn't say "SAPPY HARVEST". At least we get a good laugh out of it. (Note: She has every intention of making the "S" an "H")

This little witch from Goodwill will cackle at you when you walk by

The china cabinet in the kitchen is also decorated

Everything on top of the cabinet came from Goodwill EXCEPT.........the chicken!

These old Halloween lanterns were actually my Dad's when he was a little boy.

The Dirt Queen has them tucked away in the cabinet

Most of the other seasonal knick knacks in the cainet came from Goodwill

Well I hope ya'll enjoyed seeing the Dirt Queen's fall decor and all of her Goodwill finds!!!! Wait until is really insane!!!!! She needs a separate storage unit just for Christmas!!

Ya'll have a good day and I will see ya'll later

Monday, October 10, 2011

Fall for Front Porches

I rode through the Hydrangea Queen's neighborhood the other day and took some pics of porches that are decorated for Fall. It got dark on me, so some of the pics are dark. Sorry.

This one was REALLY cute! I planned on going back to get a better picture, but I never did :-(

Just to clarify...the Hydrangea Queen is my best friend from my garden club. The Dirt Queen is my mom.
 I know....too many queens get confusing LOL

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