Tuesday, April 28, 2009

First in bloom

I have a few "firsts" in bloom around my garden. First of the year that is. Royal Highness finally bloomed. It is my first rose of the year to bloom...well besides my knock out roses, and I don't really count them! Glad to finally see her, now all the others need to follow her lead!
Now technically this is not my first iris to bloom. All of my irises that have bloomed where white bearded irises and as we all can see this one is PURPLE!! I am excited. Let me refresh ya'll on my irises. I found them from 4-5 different places and dug them out, about 75 of them. I had NO idea what color or type until they bloomed. So 4 of them have bloomed and they were all white bearded irises, and now I have a purple one :). YAY!! I also have a walking iris about to bloom.
The first day lily of the year to bloom, ofcourse all of the neighbors are in bloom...my garden is a few weeks behind!
And here we are again...this day lily has gotten REALLY tall from the previous years. It reminds me of the daylilies on Heather's blog title http://smallgoatgarden.blogspot.com/. I am pretty sure it is the same kind. I have several different types. I can't wait to get photos of them when they all bloom.
I have a TON to do this weekend! I MUST weed...oh the joy of weeding! I have a new mystery weed pop up every year. I guess that the birds bring it in from somewhere. Last years weed was one I had never seen before. I can't get them to my feeders but they love to leave me weeds. C'mon guys and give me a break! I even put out cool little baths for ya'll....don't leave me the weeds, take them down the street :).
Most of my seeds are FINALLY big enough to plant. So I will get them in the ground this weekend. Once the daylilies bloom they will need to be divided.
And on another note...my best friend called me this morning to tell me that the amaryllis I gave her is blooming. Way to pour salt in that wound!!! Every time I give a plant to someone, it blooms in their garden first! Really...what is the deal here! Now Ramona has been in Italy for a little over two weeks now (and I am sure she is hating every minute of it!..kidding), so I haven't really been checking in on her yard like I was supposed to, therefore I haven't been able to see what all she has blooming that is not blooming in mine. My yard is just slow or something. Not sure what it is. She will be back Thursday, so I am sure I will be visiting her sometime this weekend to check on her garden.
I can tell you all that Spring has un-officially sprung out of Alabama, and summer is in full swing...and I don't care what the calendar says, summer starts 2 months early here! When it is 72 degree at 8am, and you walk outside and get harassed by love bugs...summer is here! Yes, thats right Love Bugs, they are already out in full force, and this will be their first visit with us this year...oh but don't fret, they will be back at the end of summer only to die by the thousands on the windshields of our cars! Lovely little bugs they are, can destroy a paint job like no ones business.


Darla said...

Seems as though summer did slip right on in! My Irises have not one bloom at all!! Amaryllis either!!! Have you heard from Bilbo?

gardenerprogress/Catherine said...

What pretty roses, love the name :) Maybe once your flowers are blooming those birds will come and leave you some good plants instead of weeds!
It's rainy and cold here so 72 sounds great!! We won't see temps regularly in the 70's til June.

RainGardener said...

Wow Royal Highness is gorgeous. And a purple Iris give you some variety - not all white. Boy that Daylily pops out at ya doesn't it? Still not much blooming here. I definitely need more spring blooming plants. Like that'll help when I'm still going to be 2 weeks behind everyone else. O'well I'm getting the weeding done like you. Not today though - I'm not going out in this downpour for no one!

FlowerLady said...

Lovely blooms. I know you are enjoying being outside.


mlc said...

Pretty, pretty roses. I thought Heather's lilies were what we call "Tiger lilies" around here. They are a little bit different than most of the day lilies being sold today. The orange tiger lilies grow in masses, and a lot of people have them growing like a lily ground cover on steep banks. Hmm..not sure what they they are really..but no matter they are beautiful. But your rose--that is spectacular.

Dirt Princess said...

Darla - thatis good to know. Now I don't feel so bad about mine not blooming :). Bilbo is on his way to Idaho. Should be there tomorrow or Thursday. So be sure to check out Kim and Victorias blog

Catherine - I know I shouldn't complain about the heat...because you are probably wearing a sweater as you read this

RG - I wish we had a little rain here. Gettin pretty dry.

FlowerLady - I wish I was at home in the garden instead of at work!

mlc- You know I don't know if Heather's are the same or not. If you don't divide daylilies they will mass like that over a few years. When I moved into my house they had not been divided in over 15 years. When I divided them I literally had 100's of daylilies from only a few clumps.

Prospero said...

Sounds like you're going to have a busy weekend supervising all the work. Nice roses.

Dawn said...

You have some awesome iron in your gardens, love them!

Kim and Victoria said...

It's fun to watch someone's garden that is a month ahead of us. Nice!

Dirt Princess said...

K&V - Thats pretty much what I do with Darla!!! LOL!! She is a few weeks ahead of me...so I watch her closely to see whats coming up next for me

Lynda said...

I love the photo's of your flowers - the roses are beautiful !

tina said...

Seeing all those irises bloom and not knowing what colors they are must be fun! Have fun working in the garden.

Dirt Princess said...

Tina - The anticipation kills me!!

Hey guys I just added a guestbook to my page. I would love for all of ya'll to sign it. It is at the bottom of my page

Outside In said...

The roses and so large and beautiful, wish mine would look as nice! I planted the reblooming fragrant irises last year and they did rebloom in the fall season, they sure have a sweet smell to them.

TheWritersPorch said...

DP....The Rose is gorgeous. I bought 4 Roses today. One is a double grafted Tree Rose. It's
Pale Pink and Lavender! It is just gorgeous!
I got a Flaminco(dark coral like a Tropicana)
A pink similar to yours and a Yellow Miniture!

Susie said...

Can you just keep those love bugs over there? We don't want them over here!!!

The rose looks like it would smell wonderful. Take a sniff for me, okay?!?!?!

Seasonal Wisdom said...

Royal Highness is worth her regal title. She's a beauty... that's for sure.

Jan (Thanks For 2 Day) said...

Your first photo is gorgeous...what a beautiful rose she is;-) All of the rest are great, too...I especially like your sense of humor, which has me smiling at the end of a tiring day. Sorry about the heat...it's been in the 90's here and not at all 'normal' for this time of year. It appears summer is here in VA, too--albeit a bit early.

Ginger said...

Wow, is that the rose you got at Big Lots???? It is beautiful!

Iowa Gardening Woman said...

Looks like the bloom for Your Royal Highness was worth the wait.

Heather said...

Hey! You mentioned my blog and daylilies on your blog! I am honored. I have no idea what variety those old fashioned day lilies are in the blog title picture of my blog. They came with the place. I have divided them and divided them, they grow like dandelions. I wish they were the reblooming kind. I am never that lucky. I always thought Tiger Lilies grew in the wild and they have brown freckles on them. These are just plain old orange daylilies with some lighter orange/yellow near the center. I will take pics when they bloom. I am most curious now? Has Bilbo made it to Idaho yet?

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