Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Making changes

I am making some changes to the page, and having internet issues at the same time which equates to a whole lotta fun! Don't mind the progess.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


So I've been doing some thinking....

Since I currently don't have a garden....what's the point of having a garden blog???

I have been thinking about starting a new blog called Dirt Princess. I could use it to dish dirt on numerous topics such as gardening, design, junkin', and whatever else.

Should I start a fresh new page and new blog address (which I already reserved) OR just re-name this one and keep on trucking?


Thursday, September 15, 2011


I managed to scrounge up some pictures from the cruise. I know this is going to come as a shock....but I didn't take a lot of pictures. I was gloomy and cloudy, and I just wasn't feeling it!

We had big plans of playing mini putt putt golf, but that doesn't work real well in 15 foot seas.

We were still in dock when I took this picture. It was one of the few times the pool actually had water in it!! They had it drained most of the time due to the waves

The inside atrium of the boat was preally pretty.

The elevator in the atrium

We had this cake in our cabin when we arrived. It was DELISH!!! It was way more than two people could eat. So we each had a slice, and stuck it outside for room service to pick up. Our dinner steward told us the average person gains 2-3 pounds a day on a cruise. We didn't want to be a statistic, so we gave up our cake and took the stairs the entire time.

This was one of the lounges, Jekyll and Hyde. I thought it was pretty interesting.

My cousin, posing with one of the many towel creations.

The harbor in Cozumel when we arrived early that morning

Looking back at our boat as we made our way to Cozumel. I am ashamed to say that those are only 2 of about 10 pictures I took in Cozumel. I kinda had my hands full........

....with dishes. I didn't want any magnets, keychains, or tshirts. I wanted talavera dishes, and thats what I bought for myself. I absolutely loved them.

They are all different patterns, but similar. I can't wait to have dinner on these babies.

If I had planned ahead...I would have taken one of those rolling cart thingies, rolled that baby off the ship an filled it up with all sorts of talavera dishes. But I didn't. I had all I could handle in one bag.

I bought the Dirt Queen this platter (I thought we could share it ;-))

And of course, no trip to Mexico is complete unless you bring back some of this.....

 Vanilla!!! I brought back vanilla for everyone. That was what all of my friends & family requested.

So that was the cruise! Exciting huh???? The dishes are the most fabulous part ;-)

Monday, September 12, 2011

Fat Nelly

This is Fat Nelly!!! She is one of the many resident hummingbirds currently residing at the Hydrangea Queen's house. I house sat for her last week and got to watch Nelly run the other hummingbirds away from the feeders. I'm curious how that fat little bird is going to fly to Mexico!?!?

I tried to get as many shots of the hummingbirds as I could, but some are a little camera shy

Some hang out at the feeders while Nelly is away

These shots were taken through the window. There are two feeders out front, and I kept the blinds up so I could try and get a few good shots.

Nelly never strays to far from those feeders!

I took a few shots of her garden while I was out stalking hummingbirds. The weather here has been quite enjoyable the past week. It is still warm but the humidity is low so it feels cool.

I enjoyed sitting on the back porch, drinking coffee and watching the birds. I also managed to layout a little while also.

I've been really busy the past few weeks. I had a few jobs out for bid. I am renovating a casino, and I have been pretty tied up with that. It has been a lot of fun though.

I went on a cruise for Labor Day. It was my first cruise. I had the pleasure of cruising in a tropical storm in 20 foot seas. Everyone should do that once!!!! The first two days were rough....or so we thought. We cruised to Cozumel. It was beautiful. We didn't go on any excursions, we just shopped. I bought a set of talevera dishes (I will have to share them with ya'll), and a few other souvenirs. I also brought back some of that good vanilla flavoring!!!

It was pretty on Sunday while we were sailing and they actually filled the pool up. Most days it was too bad and they kept the pool drained. Sunday night it got really rough! The captain informed us then that we weren't going to make it into port on time for Monday! That was not what we wanted to hear!! We were ready to get off that boat! Monday morning he told us that we were going to have to go back out to sea because it was so rough. We finally made it back in on Tuesday around lunch. Boy was I glad to be back! I never got sea sick thank goodness.

I went straight from the cruise terminal to the Hydrangea Queen's to house sit. I will post some pictures of my cruise boat and some of Cozumel I took. I didn't take a lot of pictures because it wasn't that great of weather. I will dig some up for ya'll. But I have to show ya'll my dishes. I just loved them. They were worth lugging back from Mexico!

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