Friday, April 24, 2009

Bilbo is on the move!!!!! Heading to Idaho

Congratulations to Kim & Victoria at Living & Gardening in Idaho Bilbo will soon be on his way to Idaho!!! Whoo hoo!!! Please check out their blog and be sure to leave a comment on their post Where In the World is Bilbo once they get him. Hopefully your name will be drawn next! Lets keep Bilbo going guys!


Kim and Victoria said...

Can't wait until the little guy arrives!

Darla said...

I'm trying to keep up with the little stinker.

Silvia said...

Hi, I found your site through Blotanical. And I saw that you are a snapdragon, just like me. :) I will come back every time you write something!

Take care,

Dirt Princess said...

Silvia - I finally found another snapdragon!!! lol! Good Thing! You just have to LOVE Blotanical

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