Friday, April 3, 2009

TGIK.......Thank Goodness Its Kiki

Hate to admit it, but I almost forgot about my sweet Kiki (action shot!)


Susie said...

Did Kikki just jump down or what? Her claws are open like she's hanging on for dear life.

Bren said...

WE had a cute little long haired kitty named KiKi when we first moved out to the country garden. I sure do miss her. She just disappeared one day. :-(

Love your photos of your beloved kitty!

Dirt Princess said...

Susie - Kiki goes nuts everyday when I come home. She runs around and slides on the floor. She will jump up on this ottoman and flip around. When I snapped the picture she was about to fall off it, and was hanging on for dear life! She is a trip!

Bren - We got married in Hawaii and named her Kiki...short for Waikiki. It was that or Lulu for Honolulu

Jill-O said...

She looks like a real character. My favorite kind of cat.

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