Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Wait for me!!!! I have to get the camera

You leave a plant alone for 12 hours...and you just never know what it is going to do...sigh. I check the garden every day when I get home from work to see what is going on. Well yesterday when I got home I saw that a whole lot of things were going on while I was away at work! The plants were working while I was working....good to know
Remember the seeds...well some of them are big enough to plant. Some are still pretty small. I don't have a greenhouse or heat lamp that I put them under. They are out in the broad open, under the big heat lamp in the sky
Wild ageratum that bloomed. The pansies have been blooming, but I figured I better catch them now because they will soon fall victim to the heat.
Here is the first purple iris to bloom. Isn't she great! (and by the way I don't know why I refer to every flower as "she", "he" may just as pretty....just a habit)
More pansies
Add ImageKnock out rose around the mailbox is loaded, smells pretty nice as well. Jimminy Cricket apparently likes it also.
A few itty bitty hostas popping up. One of them is being slaughtered by its time to break out the Pabst Blue Ribbon and have a slug party! Beer is my "green" slug killer. Of only it killed weeds too!
This is an old timey hibiscus...and no I don't know the scientific or common name...I call it Grandma's Hibiscus. I got 5 of these from my grandma. They do great. The blooms are different colors on each plant. You can see the buds on the close ups....I may go home today and have just never know!
Coreopsis. This was given to me by one of my mom's friends. I love it.
Another shot Lace cap hydrangea buds

One of my $3 Dinner Plates dahlia's from Big Lots!!! Thats right folks...$3!!!
Is that a little bud forming? So much is going on in the garden now, it is hard to keep up with. I come home from work and see something new everyday. Weeds, blooms, new growth coming name it. Weeds are the most prevalent though! I walk around my yard every afternoon like Inspector Gadget looking for a bud, a bloom, an insect or whatever...I am sure that the neighbors are convinced I am a lunatic! A lunatic with a camera at that.
But I feel better knowing that I am not the only lunatic out in my yard with a camera, because guess what....everyone one of you reading this are too!!!


Kim and Victoria said...

Nice. Always nice to see changes. Looking forward to seeing your Grandma Hibiscus in bloom.
And don't worry, as soon as Bilbo arrives I'll be posting! :-)

Prospero said...

Hi, you have a huge amount of space between the end of your post and the comments (just thought you might want to know). Looks like things are happening in the garden!

Jamie and Randy said...

You certainly do have a lot going on in your garden! Isn't spring wonderful? Everyday a new surprise. :-)--Randy

Dirt Princess said...

K&V - Can't wait

Prospero - Is that better...I fixed it! I hate when I do that. Thanks for the heads up

J&R - Spring has passed us by already...LOL!!!

Susie said...

You do have a good bit in bloom. Knock out roses just can't be beat. I have 3 of them and love them lots.

I also have a couple of coreopsis that I find so easy to grow.

Ginger said...

You have so many cool things going on! Can't wait to see the lacecap hydrangea and hibiscuses bloom!

Heather said...

Your coriopsis looks nice. I kill coriopsis every single time I try to grow it. All the instructions say I do it right. I can't figure it out. Maybe voles?

Dirt Princess said...

Susie - Knock outs are great. I need more of them...they just keep on blooming

Ginger - I am excited about the them blooming. I can't wait. The hibiscus are really nice

Heather - Hmmmm...not sure. I planted 3 and one didn't make it. It will spread, so once it does I will divide it and move some around

Jesikarena said...

Love the Picture collages! they are beautiful! How do you do it? I cant figure it out.the pansies look great!

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