Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Playing around

I have been playing around in Photoshop with textures. These are just the basics that they give you. I am no pro at photoshop...but I can do what I need to do (I made my blog header). I hope you all like them. I just thought I would try something a little different today. Also I will be putting a watermark on some of my photos from now on...not that any one would want to copy them. Danielle @ danielle's garden blog recently discovered one of her photos on ebay. Someone was selling golden mound, and was using her photo for it! So if you don't want people copying your photos, and re-using them...you may want to do this. I don't really care about some of my photos...but others I do care. If people want to copy a picture of Kiki, Scooter or Skeeter...I understand...I mean look how precious they are ;). Onto more important matters.... I went to visit with Janie last week. Janie is the president of our garden club, she is also a master gardener, and her garden is a certified wildlife habitat. She has so many interesting and unsual plants. Here are a few of them.
Michellia figo
Also known as a Banana Shrub, this evergreen shrub has blooms that smell identical to a banana. Originally from China, the Banana Shrub was brought to the United Stated in the 1700's. It is considered a classic Old South shrub. It is in the magnolia family, though the blooms are much, much smaller than the Magnolia grandiflora you typically see in the South. Illicium floridanum Also known as a Florida Anise. This shrub is native to Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia & Florida. It is a protected species in Florida, even though it is sold at nurseries there. It reaches up to 10 feet in height and has these beautiful star, cluster shaped blooms. It is fragrant, though some may find the smell a bit much....I actually like it.
La marne
La marne is a very old Polyantha rose. It does not have many thorns, and is very resistant to fungal diseases. It has small blooms, and flowers repeatedly. It also has a nice fragrance.


RainGardener said...

What beautiful plants she has. It must be fun to go over there and see everything.
I tried one of those programs years ago - thought since I had quit painting it would be fun to make pretties online but didn't do well with it. Guess I didn't understand all the directions. I did just start putting my name on my pics though. I know there must be an easier way than having to do it each time. Mine is always a different size and color and then the pic isn't good for anything with my name plastered over it. Not that I need it for anything else. And I guess I kept the original so what am I griping about? Anyway loved the flowers is what I came here to comment on!!! LOL

gardenerprogress/Catherine said...

Very nice, I like how the last one has an antiquey look to it. How do you add a watermark? Do you need photoshop?

TheWritersPorch said...

We have two Banana Shrubs, they are the best smelling shrubs I've ever smelled! I love my two Sweet Olives also!

tina said...

Cool plants!

RainGardener said...

I meant to tell you in case you don't see my comment back to you - there are 2 Clematis in the collage. The purple one is Jackmanii I think, it was given to us so I'm not sure. The one with the big pompom in the center is called Josephine and she is just beautiful.

Dirt Princess said...

RG- You are so funny!!! I made a new watermark in photshop that I will use from now on

Catherine - I made my watermark in photoshop. I set it up to be the same size everytime

Writers Porch - Don't you just love the banana shrub. Sweet olives smell great as well

Tina - yes they are

RG - Josephine was the one I was referring to...she is amazing

Becca's Dirt said...

Love the banana shrub - looks just like a magnolia.

Jean said...

Thanks for joining Bloomin' Tuesday!We all enjoy seeing blooms from all over so your post is great.The only down side is we can't all grow them due to our weather conditions. Love the banana shrub. Jean

Prospero said...

I'd watermark Scooter and Skeeter big time, cause someone like me might what to have 'em.

Darla said...

I love the smell of the Banana Shrubs!!

Dirt Princess said...

Prospero - Is that what happened to my lil Skeeter????? She is missing!!! The hubs left the cage open last night. We keep them in the guest bedroom with the door closed. I went in this morning to feed them...there was Scooter looking around, but NO Skeeter!! AAAHHHH!!! I looked for her...but couldn't find her. In 2 hours I will be at home searching for lil Skeeter! Wish me luck

Paula said...

Your flower pictures are so unique! I love seeing what grows in other places and the plants that are the same. Thanks for sharing! Paula from Idaho

Aiyana said...

The last two photos remind me of the wild roses my grandmother had at her home when I was a child. Wild roses always bring back many good memories of the times I spent with her in her garden.

Susie said...

Beautiful pics! Did you find Skeeter? I hope so.

Heather said...

You did good:D I can't use photoshop to save my life. That program absolutely boggles me. Maybe you could do a post with instructions for making a water mark and using it on your photos.
Just a thought, we computer challenged readers would love it:)

Wanita said...

Thanks for sharing you photos. I especially like the roses.

Carla said...

La Marne may be one I need to look into. Anise is one I want. Love the bloom on the banana shrub/tree?, and your photoshopped photos turned out beautiful!

My Mother's Garden said...

So many exquisite blooms! I've never seen the banana blossom, it's gorgeous! Thanks for visiting my butterfly garden goddess post and commenting. You asked if she was for sale...most of the pieces I post can be found in my etsy shop www.mymothersgarden.etsy.com
I'm just finishing up the garden show season and plan on putting more items in the shop soon.

Love your blog and zest for life!
~ Karrita

Dirt Princess said...

Paula - I am sometime amazed at what other gardeners grow in their zones. Thanks for visiting me.

Susie - After 2 hours of looking last night I found her under the refrigerator!!!!!! The panic was terrible...me & her! This morning I woke up to a very unresponsive Scooter! I brought them to work, have them on a heating pad feeding them warm pedialite. They are coming around. It scared me so bad! I hope my precious bunny will be okay

Jean - I enjoyed blooming Tuesday. Thanks for stopping by

Heather - Photoshop...ugh! I am STILL figuring it out. I will have to figure out a way to help you out with your watermark. Maybe I can make you one that you can use in Microsoft Paint. I will tinker with that

Wanita - I am glad you enjoyed them...I will be playing around more with photoshop

Carla - Thank you! If you get the La Marne and Florida Anise...be sure to let me know how they do for you.

MMG - I will be visiting your shop soon. You do such amazing work...God has truly blessed you.

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