Thursday, April 2, 2009

There are no words

Today is a very, VERY bad day for me. I just recieved a notice that I did not make it through round 1 for the job at The Corp of Engineers. I am utterly flabbergasted. I prepared, I met with the unit supervisor who helped me prepare my resume to make it through this process. I am just speechless.....I wanted this job more than I have ever wanted anything.


flowrgirl1 said...

Im so sorry you didn't get the job. It is hard when you feel that you did your best. Don't let it get you down.

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

I am so sorry.Maybe that just means there is something even better just around the corner that you will like even more.

gardenerprogress/Catherine said...

I'm really sorry to hear about this. I hope you will be okay, I'm sending good thoughts your way.

Ginger said...

I'm so sorry. Hugs from Mississippi.


EB said...

I'm so sorry. It clearly wasn't Meant - it may be years before you can tell why not. Count your blessings, go for a run - or whatever you do for your fix - and I hope you'll feel a little better.

Kim and Victoria said...

So sorry. Will you be able to apply again sometime?

mlc said...

Poor You. I am so sorry. I don't know you, but I can feel your pain. I just started blogging, but totally identify with your bio--just a tad older. I have been trying to get re-employed in a new field and gosh it is hard to get a job today. Just hang in there. Like your blog.

Alice Joyce said...

Hey there, left you a message on Blotanical. Something unexpected will hopefully brighten the days ahead, the old one door closing and another opening. stay in touch, Alice

Ryan said...

Really sorry to hear that!

I'm sure that another opportunity will come up for you!


Dirt Princess said...

Thank all of you for your sweet comments. Today has just been rough day. I just need to get some resumes out and move forward.

I know that God is going to lead me where he feels I belong. God always see's the bigger, even when we don't.

So I will see where he takes me, God knows best.

Thanks you means a lot to me! Bloggers are such wonderful people.

Everything will work out.

donna said...

My first time visiting your blog and I'm sorry that you're having to deal with the job situation. Even though we don't know each other, please know that I'll be thinking positive thoughts for you. And here I thought all the trials and tribulations were up here in Zone 4.

Susie said...

Dirt Princess I'm so sorry. News like that is never fun. For every door that closes another one will open. Sending some hugs to you!

FlowerLady said...

Dirt Princess ~ I was sorry to read about your not getting the job you wanted. Something much better is out there for you.

Love and hugs ~ FlowerLady

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