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Friday, April 23, 2010

Fertilizer Friday - April 23, 2010

Time to Flaunt those flowers!!! It's Fertilizer Friday! Head on over to Tootsie's and sign up to flaunt your flowers, or just check out what everyone else is flaunting.Today I am flaunting I little bit from my garden, as well as my neighbor's garden.

They bought this Joseph's Coat Rose last year from the local flea market. It was a tiny little plant....but boy has it grown!!! It has to be one of the most beautiful roses I have ever seen! Look at all of the amazing colors! I am going to get a cutting from it and have Mr. Brown root it for me!
These are blooms from the Joseph's Coat Rose! Absolutely GORGEOUS! It smells just as good as it looks!

They also have many other roses. I do not know the names of them, my neighbor doesn't keep up with the names. If it looks good, she doesn't care!

I really like this particular rose! It has variations of pink and white...and is stunning!

She put together a bouquet of flowers for Sunday school! They were gorgeous! This is a collage of that bouquet!

One of her many irises. Again...not sure of the name. Some of  you may know.

They have over 1500 daylilies, and they will soon be blooming. I will be sure to share them with you all!

Now let's walk back to my garden and see what is going on.....

My Clematis is in full bloom. I am not certain of the name. The Dirt Queen (mom), rooted it for me off of my grandmothers Clematis.

The hydrangeas are beginning to show off there little buds! This particular hydrangea was also rooted from my grandmothers plant. It is an old Nikko Blue

I always enjoy watching the Cahaba Lilies "unfurl"! Such a neat process! Every year, the leaves die back, and when the new growth comes on...they emerge out of the old growth. It is like it is emerging from a cocoon. They will be blooming soon!

And last but not least...the Butterfly Ginger! They will soon be blooming, and I can't wait for their fragrance to fill the air! What a wonderful scent they have!

I hope to be planting some seedlings this weekend. There are a few that are now big enough to be planted. I learned the hard way last year to not plant seedlings that are too small.....because the snails will eat them and you will never see them again!

I have much more in the just isn't interesting enough to show as of now! LOL!!! The Prairie Coneflowers, Purple Coneflowers, Asters, Monarda, Phlox and Plumbago are all getting ready to put on a show! As soon as they do, I will be there waiting on them!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Hydrangea Queen & Bilbo

I love to visit friend's gardens! I get so much inspiration, and a lot of good plants! I visited the Hydrangea Queen's (Ramona) garden the other day. She called me to come get some shots of her Clematis in bloom. She has such a beautiful garden. It is loaded with hydrangeas, thus her nickname! She is going to visit the Nantucket Hydrangea Farm soon. They only take 2 visitors at a time. She will be staying for several days, taking workshops and learning all about hydrangeas. I can't wait to hear what all she learned! I will make sure she gets lots of photos and information so I can share with all of you.

This is one of her hydrangeas. The hydrangeas here are not in bloom yet, she just purchased this one, so it is blooming. Her hydrangeas  have lots of buds on them, so soon I will be getting plenty of gorgeous photos!

This is a wild poppy. It grows on the sides of roads here everywhere. Apparently a little bird deposited it in her garden!

Here is a post from last May that I did on my neighbor's Daylilies as well as the Hydrangea Queen.
Hope you all enjoy this wonderful day!

Bilbo will be leaving Canada soon, and heading to Southeastern Ohio to visit with the gnomes and fairies in the "hills". Thats right, Bilbo is heading to visit Lona at A Hocking Hills Garden! I am so excited for thim! There are so many fairies and gnomes that live in her garden, and I know Bilbo will have a blast there!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Fertilizer Friday with Mr. and Mrs. Brown

Its Friday! So it is time to fertilize your flowers, and head on over to Tootsie's place to flaunt them for Fertilizer Friday!

Today for Fertilizer Friday we are going to visit with Mr. and Mrs. Brown. If you are a regular here, then you know all about The Brown's. They are like my grandparents. They are my 80 year old garden guru's! I often refer to them as my as "Garden Bible". They know their stuff when it comes to plants!

My mom, picked this sign up at the local Goodwill for The Brown's. It was perfect for them. They have so many heirloom roses! They have picked most of them up from old homeplaces, cemeteries, and even on the sides of the roads. If they see a rose they want, Mr. Brown takes a cutting and brings it home to root it. Mrs. Brown will tell you that he can root anything, and that if he sits down long enough his rear end will take root! She is probably right! I have seen him root plants that supposedly cannot be rooted.

They have lived in their home for 50 years, and to me, it is a magical place!

It is full of oaks that are close to 100 years old, and some that are older.

All of the stone and the wood for the fence came from their "weekend" home up in the country.

They have a lot of azaleas, and in all of my time visiting them, I had never been there while the azaleas were in bloom! I missed them when they were at their peak a week or so ago, but better late then never!

They have such a wonderful color palette of azaleas. Colors I had never seen before, even though I live in the "Azalea City".

Mrs. Brown loves stuff! She can take anything and make into to something spectacular. I see alot of myself in her, and I am pretty sure that she is the 80 year old version of me! LOL! She used an old satellite dish for the top of that gazebo!

This is one of my favorite things she found! Old mosaic covered picnic table tops! She paid around $8 each for them and used them for a walkway! How cute is that! Of course I am on a never ending mission to find some for myself now! I have found some....just not for $8!

I am not sure how many rose bushes they have. If I had to guess I would say well over 50. It is amazing to see! Mr. Brown rooted nearly 75% of them! He has rooted me several as well. I actually have three there now, that are waiting to go to my house. Only Mrs. Brown won't let me take them until the Fall, in fear that they won't survive this late with it being so hot. I do what they say and don't ask questions!

This rose was quite interesting! Each bloom is white with a drop of red on the petals, and only on one spot!

This is what I really want! A urinal!!! LOL!!!! I love this urinal! I want it in my yard so I can fill it with flowers! Mrs. Brown generally has it filled up with water, and the frogs make it their home.

I caught Mr. Brown in the act, and doing what he does best! Rooting!

He has pots everywhere of plants he is rooting! Two years ago I gave them a cutting off of my white Justicia. Mine ended up dying, and didn't come back in the Spring. Mr. Brown ended up rooting my cutting and getting nearly 8 plants out of that one cutting! Yesterday I picked up my white Justicia that he had rooted for me, and it is nearly 2 feet tall already! He has taken many more cuttings off of it, and it getting us some more. He is magic when it comes to that!

I just think the world of them, and they are so special to me! I would love to write a book on them, and soak up all they know! They are always giving me great advice on gardening and in general!

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