Monday, February 22, 2010

Gotta Love A Good Bargain!

I love to find junk I can make into treasure!
I found these tiles at my favorite consignment shop. I wouldn't necessarily call them junk, I thought they were pretty cool! But someone didn't want them, thank goodness! I applied them to my wall behind the sink. This area is always getting dirty, so the tiles will help keep it clean and add some color.
Around Christmas I found all of these old utensils at the same consignment shop. I bought two of each, one for me, one for the Dirt Queen. Then we found some old rakes, and hung them on the prongs to display them.
I always find some really cute things at our local Dollar General. I found this welcome sign there the other day. I got another one that is very similar, except it says "Spring". When Spring finally arrives I will hang it up.
I also found these cute wreaths at Dollar General for $8! One is a watering can.....
...and the other is a dragonfly! I just loved them!
I also got these two for a good bargain....FREE!! They have finally become best buds! They snuggle together, play together, and eat together. I was wondering if Kiki would ever take to Peaches, but clearly she has since she is resting her head on her! Aren't they sweet!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Blogger Help!

Bloggers "HELP" button is ridiculous!!!! I went in and typed a question and I am hoping someone can tell me what the heck is wrong! We shall see.
Todays Blogger dilemna....
I changed my background earlier today (using my work laptop). It saved, my blog viewed properly and I thought all was well.
Then I get home, open blogger, go to view my page and it is showing the old background (bees) even though the new background is listed! UGH!!!! Auto save still isn't working.
When I try to save the new background from my home computer it won't save the changes!
The February 7th post was actually done February 14th! My date/time settings are correct.
I ran updates on my computer....I am just really aggrivated!
What is the deal?!?!?!?!?!

Finally a BLOOM!

I finally have daffodils blooming! I am not sure which one this is. I haven't been able to find the proper name of it. This is the one Mrs. Brown named April's bloom. So that is what I will call it!

I have been having some issues with Blogger.

#1 While I am creating a post, Auto save will not work, and I am unable to save the post at all. I just have to publish it.

#2 My recent posts are not showing up on my home page. Only older posts. This may have something to do with saving.

#3 Other bloggers have informed me that my recent posts aren't showing up on their dashboard.

#4 I have to publish comments 3 or 4 times! The same comments show up on my dashboard, and I have to keep publishing them.

I did notice that my recent post from Sunday showed up. However, I am still having problems saving.

Has anyone else been having problems?

Visiting with Mrs. Brown

I had a wonderful visit with Mrs. Brown yesterday. Ya'll may remember Mrs. Brown, she is my 80 year old garden buddy and I often refer to her as my "garden Bible". I gave her a lot of daffodils last year, and they were blooming. I had to go check them out! Of course mine barely have buds on them....but Mrs. Brown's are blooming! Go figure! She told me that they had put ash on them earlier. Something that I have YET to do!
These were some I dug up from camp.
We never figured out the name of this particular one, so they named it after me....April. She said they just call it April's bloom!
Mrs. Brown also had a lot of Snowdrops in bloom. Appropriate since it snowed the day before!
I love the dainty green specs on them.
Her Japanese Magnolia was loaded with buds!
They have the largest camellia bushes I have ever seen, they are really more like trees! The cold had gotten most of them. I did manage to find a few photo worthy blooms!
I had planned to work in the garden this weekend, but my plans didn't quite pan out! Friday it snowed, and Saturday it was just too cold and windy. Sunday was still a bit to cold! I was ready for SPRING! I am ready for some warm weather so I can finally throw on my tank top, and flip flops and get to work!

Fertlizer Friday...and a little snow!

I don't have any blooms to show off today! I do however have a little snow to show off! It snowed here today! Can you believe it!!! I was so excited! It snowed really hard, and the snowflakes were huge!
Kiki woke from her nap to watch it snow for about 10 minutes. It tired her out, and she had to go lay back down for another nap!
That was one snowflake!
Tide DID NOT like the snow! He was scared to death of it! He was hiding under everything he could find!
The snow is all gone now....but it was fun while it lasted!

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