Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Baby It's Cold Outside!!!!!!!

BBBBRRRRRRRRRR! It is 40 degrees outside this morning! We had a light frost last night. I had to cover up all of my seedlings and the 2 new beds I made. Hopefully everything won't freeze. We always get this one loast freeze before Easter. I know that all of the owners of the gardens on tour were losing it, scrambling around covering up plants with sheets yesterday afternoon! Lets hope this forsty little snap doesn't do any damage! We are supposed to have another tongith! AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!


Ginger said...

We're in the same boat. A lady I work with said it's bad luck to plant certain tender things before Easter. Well, it's been so warm and Easter is so late that of course I didn't wait!
I think we'll be fine with minor precautions. :)

Susie said...

It got to 37 here Dirt Princess. That's pretty cold too! I think it's suppose to do it again tonight then hopefully it will be gone for a long while.

Phillip said...

It was close to freezing here but fortunately didn't make it. They say it might be colder tonight.

Dirt Princess said...

Ginger - I know it is bad luck to plant anything before Easter...but I just wanted to get those beds done before the Garden Club meeting on Thursday. Lets hope that doesn't bite me in the rear!

Susie- It is suppose to be a light freeze here tonight.

Phillip - I am shocked that it didn't freeze up there. Lucky you :)

cherry said...

Hope ya'll didn't see much freeze/ frost last night wishing warmer weather your way ..

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