Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Original Bottle Tree

Here we have the original bottlebrush tree...not the kind with glass bottles....but the kind with red bristle blooms. This bottlebrush is in Janie's yard also. Bottle brush trees are native to Australia, they are also known as Callistemon. They are very easy to grow, and range from 6'-15' in height.


tina said...

These bottlebrush trees are very awesome!

Prospero said...

Yes, the bottlebrush - finally something I recognize! How are the bunny rabbits doing (since I'm starting to lose sleep over them now).

RainGardener said...

What a beautiful tree. I want one. ;-) How do I keep missing some of your posts? Have to catch up late.

Ginger said...

they had tons of these at The Grand Hotel, some trained into more tree-like forms. They are cool!

Sunita said...

Are there any strictly-foliage types, do you know? I bought one 20 years ago, thinking it was the red-blooming one but its thriving and growing without a single hint of a bloom. The tree and foliage looks exactly the same though.
I was getting ready to chop it down and replace it with another one till I noticed that all the birds seem to be attracted to it to build their nests. Now we've renamed it the Nursery Tree :D

EB said...

Goodness, what a dramatic tree! I have a feeling it's too tender for here but it looks great fun. A circus tree!

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