Monday, March 23, 2009

While I Was Away

While I was away hunting for a few days my mom came over to water the seeds and check on things. I have 2 irises about to bloom!!! I can't wait to see what they may be.
I also have blueberries popping up on the tree. So exciting.
The seeds are coming up...well all except for the coneflowers. Not sure why they aren't coming up. Do they take longer to germinate...or are they just not going to germinate? Any ideas?
I did notice that some birds had been in one of the feeders....but I haven't caught them in the act yet!


Susie said...

Isn't it fun to come home and find all kinds of garden happenings going on?!?!?

Ginger said...

I cannot get over the difference three hours south makes! My blueberries are like pin-head size!

Your irises are going to be so pretty!

flowrgirl1 said...

A familiar site to me! Irises are my passion. Around 400 varieties and counting.

Dirt Princess said...

Ginger we need to compare notes...I am still amazed by the 3 hours difference...I mean the weather is not that different here than it is there....strange. I can tell you that almost everyone I know that has blueberry bushes, they have berried on them.

flowrgirl1 I would love to see all of your irises...I am developing a growing passion for them. I avtually have a passion for anything that blooms! LOL!. I don't think that mine are any type of egstravagant irises...but they are heirloom I have found in various places...which makes them special to me. I am still blown away that you have 400 varieties!

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