Tuesday, March 24, 2009

We Thank Thee, Lord

We Thank Thee Lord

For each hour of each day,

For each minute spent at play,

For the seed You helped us sow,

For the blessed things that grow -

We Thank Thee, Lord.

For the roses wild that run,

For the trees that shade the sun,

For the rainbows brilliant blend,

For the showers that You send -

We Thank Thee, Lord.

For the men who raised the wheat,

For the bread we get to eat-

For the cattle that we need,

For the pastures where they feed-

We Thank Thee, Lord.

For our humble, small abode,

For the blessings You bestowed,

For the roof that shields the storm,

For the walls that keep us warm,

We Thank Thee, Lord.

Anthony J. Pettito

(FYI that isn't my iris :( it is my friend Ramona's)


Bren said...

YEs... Thank you Dear Lord for all the wonderful blessings. INCLUDING MY DEAR GARDEN BLOGGER FRIENDS! Thank you for sharing the bloom. I can't wait to see mine blooming like this in a few months.

Happy Spring

Maureen said...

What a lovely prayer, and perfect for the Spring when we are all at play in our gardens.

Vonnie said...

Isaiah 61:11(paraphrased) says that like our garden spouts in spring He will make praise sping up amoung all nations.
What a great image for spring. Thank you for sharing a beatiful thought on such a breezey beautiful spring day.

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