Thursday, March 12, 2009

Gifts from garden friends

Gardeners love to share. Yesterday I had the pleasure of going to see a fellow blogger WC Gardener. She gave me some amazing plants. Foxtail fern Forsythia
Night blooming Cereus (, Night blooming cactus, English Dogwood, and 3 different orchids. I know that one of them is a Nun's Orchid ( I have never grown orchids, so I am excited about them.
I also managed to get away with a bunch of fresh collards...The Hunter loves do I!


Ginger said...

Wow, what a great friend! The best is when someone needs to get rid of something and it's something you need - my friend Lynn pulled up enough monkey grass from her yard to edge at least 100 feet of beds in my yard. This reminds me, I need to pot up some camellia babies for friends.
Your blog is just great. Wonderful how much you update it! I'll update mine tonight!

Deidre said...

Friends plant gifts are always the best as the have such character and history that goes along with them:)I could look at your garden all day long!

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