Monday, March 16, 2009

Garden Tour Flags

The garden tour is quickly approaching! We decided to make flags to put in the yards the day of the tour so everyone will know which house is on tour. We looked into having them made, but it was to expensive to have only a few made. So we purchased some canvas to make them ourselves. I spent Friday night getting them ready for the members to paint. I had to first lay out the canvas to cut it. Kiki helped me measure Then I set up the projector to get the logo onto the flags...Kiki was very helpful with this also
Logo is on the flag...well atleast one of them...I have 12 more to do (flags are double sided)
I began working on one of them
Here is one side complete (around 2 am!)

Kiki enjoyed rolling on the canvas when I first spread it out.....


JoLyn said...

Great job - I hope you'll share photos of these flags flying!

Love the kitty!

Ginger said...

I love the logo! (and Kiki!)

Dirt Princess said... was a lot of work. I questioned my sanity as the night went on! Kiki was a lot of help...she rolled on the canvas, helped me meaure and made sure the projector was working. But she got pretty tired around 11pm and left me to go nap. When I was done painting around 2am....she was ready to play! I don't know if you noticed the seagull hanging from the ceiling fan (you can see it in a few of the pics), that is one of her fave toys, she likes to box with it. Can you tell we don't have kids????????

Ginger said...

Ha ha ha, one of our cats likes to wrestle with a puppet buffalo - I understand!

Tom Hayward said...

OK, this really makes me want to paint!!!
I've got a video projector. Tell what the next step is... pleaseee. By the way our Cupid loves to get her hair done. It started one day when she jumped up on Tom's dresser while he was combing his hair. She reached out with her paw and guided his hand to comb her. Then she came back the next morning and every one after for the same. We call it her standing appointment with Mr. Tom.

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