Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Just another Manic Monday

Last summer I bought these hanging buckets from the dollar store. I planted petunias in them...and honestly forgot about them over the winter. Much to my suprise yesterday, I noticed that they had survived the winter and were now blooming. I don't know why I just now noticed them...I guess I have been too busy looking down instead of up!
I have 3 on this fence and 2 on another
This is an old milk jug that I got from Eric's mom. She also had a basket with some succulents in it. I took them and planted them in the milk jug.
When I got home yesterday I busted up the old rock edging that was around the front bed. I removed all the rocks and placed them around the rose bed. It looks a lot better than what I had. Now I just need to get my trellis up for the climbing roses.


Becca's Dirt said...

Those containers are hard to come by. It looks nice with the succulents planted in the jug. I love those rocks and I am using them around my beds as well. Have fun.

JoLyn said...

Everything looks so nice - and warm! We are having snow again. Rats.

My Mother's Garden said...

Love those containers! They look so whimsical hanging on the fence. The angel is pretty too, I imagine when she's surrounded by flowers she must be beautiful!

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