Wednesday, March 18, 2009

What is that I see?

It is an iris bud! I am so excited...this is my first Iris to even have a bud! I have gotten irises from my grandma's place, 2 hunting camps and Eric's great grannies house....and none of them have bloomed. Not to mention I have no idea what color or type ANY of them are! So can't wait to see what this little bud holds for me!
New growth on the Fire Spike


Susie said...

I have been looking for a fire spike to purchase. So far, no luck. I think I could order it off the internet but I had rather see it in person first.

Dirt Princess said...

Susie I have some pics of it at home. It is an amazing plant. It does very well for me. It was actually my grandmothers and when we sold her house I dug up all of her flowers!!! So there is no telling how old it is. Could I mail you a cutting? I could overnight one to you, and it should be you think?

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