Friday, March 27, 2009

TGIK - Thank Goodness Its Kiki all of my excitement over posting a blog on Mrs. Brown's...I nearly forgot it was TGIK!!!!


Susie said...

What a cute kitty! Nice pic!

Ginger said...

Kiki looks like she wants to go outside!

Have a good weekend!

Tootsie said...

have a great weekend!

Barbarapc said...

DP - what a great blog - lost myself in the photos of that last post. Ms. Kiki is indeed fabulous - my Hercules says hello & welcome to Blotanical!

Bren said...

Adorable - we use to have a kitty named Kiki!
Happy Spring

gardenerprogress/Catherine said...

What a cute picture! I posted My journey post today and linked to your blog.

Thistledew Farm said...

Love the Gerber Daisy!

Dirt Princess said...

Susie - Kiki doesn't know she is a cat (wonder whose fault that is?)

Ginger - Kiki has only been out a few times, and hers paws have never touched the ground. The Hunter occasionally carries her outside to see the world, she hisses at the wind she is staying inside!

Barbarapc - Thanks for stopping by... I will have to check out Hercules.

Catherine - I am so glad you posted your journey.

Thisteldew - Thanks, the Gerbera daisy blloms year round...amazing!!1 LOL! It is a good fake.

Ginger said...

Dirt Princess,
My two cats are strictly indoors, too. After I had a cat get hit by a car, I could never let them out again. Mine are so funny -- they try to sneak outside, but when they manage to, they are terrified and freeze! I guess that's a good thing, since it makes them much easier to catch!
I'll have to post pictures of them sometime. We have two cats and a dog. The girl kitty is sooo pretty!

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