Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Just checking

Everyday I come home and walk around the garden to see what is going on. I am looking forward to seeing my garden in bloom soon. My white coneflowers are about to bloom! They are the best cut flower! There are now 2 irises
This is quite possible one of my favorite plants. It is called a BAT FACE plant (http://www.magnoliagardensnursery.com/productdescrip/Cuphea_Bat.html). It is a very interesting little plant! It is in the cuphea family. The flower is red with a dark purple center that resembles a bat face. Hummingbirds love this plant...I can see why
Gloriosa Lily (http://www.floridata.com/ref/G/glor_rot.cfm), is coming up. However a limb fell on it during one of the storms and decapitated it!!! I hope it will be okay though. I got these from my grandma, and they are very unique. They reproduce fairly quickly. I can't wait to get some babies off of it to spread around the yard.
I have lots rooting in this container. A four o'clock tree (http://www.gardenfairy.com/garden/mirabilis.htm) that my aunt gave me (tall branch in the rear). My mom also has this plant. It came from my grandmother, and they rooted it from her. I will plant it soon. I also have two branches from some type of shrub my aunt gave me. I don't know what it is, I don't know if she knew or not. It is growing though...so soon there will be pictures on my blog of it and all of my blogger buds can tell me what it is. Lastly we have native azalea (the ones flowering), I plucked these straight out of the woods Sunday. So far, so good...lets hopw they make it!


Darla said...

I root plants like that too! The native azalea I was recently told can be dug up and moved when dormant......? The bat face plant we can't seem to keep alive here.

EB said...

Yes - I love coming back and looking round the garden! We have a 2 week holiday coming up in late May though and I'm already a bit worried about how much could happen in that time - all the little changes I'll miss, and so on. We will get someone in to do a bit of watering and maybe mow the lawn, but no more, so it's going to be quite a big change by the time I get back!

Becca's Dirt said...

Those coneflowers look like they are about to bust. You will have lots of color soon. Can't wait to see pics.

Vonnie said...

Checking in on my garden is one of the best times of my day. Some mornings I just can't wait and slip outside in bare feet and flannel jammies just to see wat's happened overnight :)

Susie said...

Those little batfaces are really cute!

Ginger said...

Those irises are stunning! I love the native azaleas, too.

Dirt Princess said...

Darla - The native azaleas I have come across in the woods are pretty large, so I am going to try to root them and see how they do.

EB- You will have lots of garden suprises for you when you return from holiday

Becca- I can't wait for them to bloom, should be any day now

Vonnie- I too have been known to browse the garden in my pj's...I think it helps my plants gorw...lol!

Susie - don't you just love the bat face...they are great!

Ginger - Lets hope my natives azaleas take root and grow :)

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