Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Journey or Destination? The way I see it....

Life is a journey, not a destination. - Ralph Waldo Emerson Every morning most of us get in our cars and drive to work. We take a journey to reach our destination, but often times we only look to reach our destination and do not pay attention to the journey. I have been paying attention to my journey, I notice things, small things, large things, and these things bring me joy and put a smile on my face. This morning I awoke to an iris blooming, a bloom I have been long awaiting. Then I got ready to take my journey. I thought that I would share my journey to my destination with all of you. It was raining this morning, and most of the pictures are blurry....but the journey is a splendid one.
As I back out of my driveway I can see all of my neighbor's azaleas in bloom. Azaleas are in bloom all around my neighborhood
and all down the roads
They create hedges between yards
or between streets
This arrow once led me to a destination, but I now take a different one
I follow a sharp curve, you never know what may be around the bend
around the bend I see wisteria, and azaleas covering a rocky slope
Left or Right...which way will my journey go?
Right......I follow the winding road
it leads me past a small roadside farm, where the goats are having their breakfast Their neighbor in the adjoining field, he always puts a smile on my face
A Christmas tree farm that has brought joy to many
azaleas creeping up behind a column
Wisteria growing wild along the road
Rainy roads....others are on their journey...or are they simply trying to reach a destination?
volunteer fire department....hopefully no one will need them today
a donkey out in a field....he is also having his breakfast.
I reached my destination right down the road past this field. So was the journey worth it?
Everyday God blesses us with so many amazing things along our journey, but we often do not pay them any attention....they are just on our paths to our destination. Open your eyes, and pay attention to the journey, it makes reaching the destination much more meaningful.
So my fellow bloggers.....are you on a journey...or just simple trying to reach a destination? To all of you out there, around the world....what is your journey like?
Ginger (Law of the Land) and Susie (Digging in the Dirt) what is the journey like in Mississippi?
flowrgirl1 (Live to Garden) how about North Carolina?
Lynda (Food, Fun & Farm Life in South Africa) I know you have an interesting journey!
Emily (Emily's Garden) over in Southern England...I would love to see your journey.
Tom (Seventh Street Cottage) I know that you would make one heck of an interesting journey.
Tina ( In the Garden) how is the journey in Tennessee?
JoLyn (Up Hill Both Ways) will you share your journey?
Gardeness (Garden Muse) & Catherine ( A Gardener In Progress) how is the journey in Seattle?
Becca (A Southern Garden by Becca) since we share part of the same journey...whats the other part like?
Maureen ( Allotment Heaven) how is the journey in Hampshire?
I invite everyone who reads this blog post, ones mentioned or share your journey with us. Show us your journey through your just may see something you didn't before.
The road of life twists and turns and no two directions are ever the same. Yet our lessons come from the journey, not the destination.


FlowerLady said...

What a beautiful post. Some days the journey whizzes past as we rush to and fro to get to our destination. On my way to work, I try to enjoy the journey as much as possible. I can either take a little scenic route of older cottage homes as part of the journey, or part of the journey can be along the intracoastal or sometimes along the ocean. I feel peace, joy, inspiration as I take these routes as much as possible. I try to stay off the really busy roads, do not go on the interstate if I can help it. Sometimes I can hear the birds singing, sometimes I catch the scent of the ocean. The blue/green color of the ocean is awesome at times, it just takes my breath away. This morning as I was walking to my car to leave for work, I noticed all of the basket flowers blooming along the driveway. Their scent is sweet and DH and I watched a honey bee gathering the pollen on his legs. Life has many sweet surprises if we will only stop and take a minute or two to look, listen and enjoy.

Thanks again for a lovely post.


Ginger said...

I would love seeing those animals in the morning. I live very close to the interstate ramp and work very close to its exit, so I don't see much of interest - or maybe I'm not really looking! I will have to get my husband to drive me "to work" this weekend so I can take pictures along the way! Neat idea!

gardenerprogress/Catherine said...

You do have a beautiful journey! A lot of pretty blooms there! It's amazing what can be seen if you take the time to look. I really like this idea and I will share sometime this week. It will be fun to see everyone else's!

Dirt Princess said...

FlowerLady - I would love to see pictures of your sounds amazing!

Ginger - I used to take the interstate everyday also...I know there is something to see.

Catherine - I look forward to seeing your journey

EB said...

What a fascinating post! I have a confession though - I don't work, so no journey. Why? Because I can, to be perfectly honest. It does account for why I'm so short of cash though! My husband works, and I look after the house etc. (I particularly enjoy the etc, ie the garden) We didn't intend it to be like this, it just kind of happened. I am planning an occasional plant stall - but that will be run from home, so still no journey! (and probably not a vast amount more cash)

Dirt Princess said...

EB- I work and am still low on cash!!!!! LOL! But I know you take interesting journeys...I have seen Cetera. Do a photo essay going to the market. Any place can be made spectacular!

Becca's Dirt said...

Thanks Dirt Princess for sharing your journey and for challenging others to share. I look forward to sharing my journey this week. Looking forward to the parts of the country and across the oceans.

Sugarplum Cottage said...

Isn't the Azalea amazing how it just sits there for a year and all of a sudden, there are blooms all over it. I just wish it stayed in bloom longer. It is also raining here today, Hard rains take the Azalea blooms away, but it does bring blooms from other flowers. Hugs, Rosemarie
What part of MS do you live in?

RainGardener said...

Hi Dirt Princess, I guess we must have been thinking alike to have both taken journeys that we posted today. I most always have a nice drive to town because it is so pretty getting there. Actually, the town going this direction is a lot newer and a more modern type whereas going to the town to the north of me the drive isn't as pretty but the destination is a lot more pleasant being a smaller very old town (yesterdays post). So either way my journey has it's ups and downsides. Guess a little of both makes it average out to 'nice' wouldn't ya say?
You have a great blog and I just loved this post you did - I may have to do a more detailed journey now. Thanks for stopping by my place and I look forward to seeing you again.

Dirt Princess said...

Rosemarie - I actually live 15 minutes north of Mobile, AL in Satsuma. It is rainy here to as you can tell from the pictures. I am really suprised that the rain we have had the past week hasn't knocked all of the blooms off, but they are hanging in there.

RainGardener - thanks for checking it out....I will have to check in on you soon to see if we are still on the same wavelength ;)

JoLyn said...

What a great idea. I find that I'm always in a hurry to get there...I walk to fast, I drive too fast, I just can't enjoy the moment. You've inspired me to slow down!

Susie said...

I really enjoyed this post and I will definitely be participating.

Please sign my guest book :)




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