Thursday, March 26, 2009

Garden Lake Part 1 - Flowers

There are no words for me to describe Garden Lake...I am speechless everytime I leave there. Garden Lake is a 32 acre home/garden of one of our Garden Club members (we are blessed to have her). It is a sight to behold. It is one of my favorite places to visit. Lucky for me Liz (the owner) lets me come and visit with her and take pictures of everything I see. She doesn't live very far from where I work so today I was able to take my lunch and ride to Garden Lake. There is so much to I narrowed down the pictures and created 5 posts...thats right FIVE POSTS! They are broken down into categories. I hope you enjoy the pictures. Amaryllis Snowball (Snowball something..I forgot, so much to take in!)
Tulip Camellia
Strange formations on a tree. Bug maybe?
Pink Dogwood (down dogwoods are VERY rare)
Wild Periwinkle
Sorry...I don't remember this one....
Japanese Cherry Tree
and again
Buckthorn (I did some research on this one and found out that it may not be a good plant to have around)
White wisteria (this is also very rare down here)
Wisteria mixed in with the azaleas
Japanese Magnolia
This is some type of orange...Phillip over at Dirt Therapy has this....but I am drawing a blank as to what it is called


Pyzahn said...

Really lovely pictures (tho the dead dear did spoil the moment a bit).

That tree bark is amazing. The holes look like a Yellow Bellied Sap Sucker (fancy name for a woodpecker), but the squares are quite odd. If you find out what it is, let me know.

I used to live in Atlanta. Didn't really garden then. The last summer I was there it rained 26 days in July. Humid beyond belief. Everything in the house was mildewed.

The flatlands are a tad better.

gardenerprogress/Catherine said...

I've been looking through all these pictures of the gardens, greenhouses, animals, etc. I can't imagine having all that space! Does she have a lot of help with all of it?

Tootsie said...

I call the entire post fantastic!!! I want spring!! your photos are so clear and everything is just so pretty!

FlowerLady said...

I can see why you love visiting that wonderful garden. Having 32 acres to turn into a garden paradise would be fun. I think, the second picture is a hydrangea, I'm not real sure. I look forward to seeing what else is growing in this lovely garden. You are blessed to be able to visit this private space and take pictures. Thank you and Liz for sharing.


Thistledew Farm said...

I dropped by from Susie's Diggin in the Dirt, and so glad I did. What a beautiful garden! What luck to have access to it. I really like the tree with the strange bark! To bad it's from a bug.

Dirt Princess said...

Pyzahn - Sorry about the deer :(...I do think it is a woodpecker...just not 100% sure. Thanks for visiting with me :).

Catherine - Liz and her husband keep it up. I am trying to get her to hire me as their full time gardener ;)...what a dream that would be! It is a lot of work.

Tootsie - I try really hard to take good photos, somedays the camera doesn't want to cooperate with me and it does what it wants to!

FlowerLady - I thought the snowball was a hyndrangea as well, but it was about 12-15' tall. Liz said it is not. But it is VERY interesting. I must have one! I have been blessed with some very special garden friends that have amazing gardens.

Thistledew Farm - WELCOME!!!! I am so glad you decided to pop in. I love meeting new bloggers! Very exciting. There are so many interesting things going on around their property. It is a very organic garden. They do not trim any shrubs, fertilize or anything like that. Simply because there is not enough time to do all 32 acres!

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