Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Questions...Looking for answers (update)

I have a few questions... #1) I have been trying for WEEKS to put my blog on Blotanical with no success. I put in a user name, email, and select that I would like to add my garden blog. The next screen tells me THIS WEBPAGE CANNOT BE DISPLAYED. I dunno what the deal is. I have emailed them twice and gotten no response. (I finally got my blag added!!! I went back and tried it again for the 500th time and it worked..YEAH!!!!) #2) I have several Jacobean plants (aka Justicia), and I have noticed that they have yet to put on new growth. I am worried they may not have survived the winter. On the other hand I know that they can survive the winter because Mrs. Brown (garden pal) has 100's of them and they have been around for a while. Does anyone have any that are coming back? http://www.floridata.com/ref/J/just_spp.cfm


Becca's Dirt said...

I have never heard of a Jacobean plant but that is not new. I looked it up and it is a very pretty lily. Hope you can get them to perk up. Good luck with the blotanical pages.

Becca's Dirt said...

OOPS - I goofed. Jacobean is not in the lily family.

Susie said...

Darla at Family and Flowers grows this plant. I believe hers comes back but she does live in FL. I have not ever grown this plant but it is pretty.

GardenDesigner said...

I had that problem with blotanical too! But I finally got in... they were in the process of switching over their servers, so We are both on there now!
Thanks for stopping by my blog! ,,, It funny that you talk about your plants, and I dont know what they are! I am in a zone 5, and have never heard of rattlesnake grass! usually I am familiar with everything!
Have fun gardening! I love it and am obsessed by it!
Stop by and say hi anytime!

Ginger said...

I have never heard of this plant, either! It is beautiful though.

Hope you're having a good week!

Dirt Princess said...

This is one of my favorite plants. It is very unique.

Susie I spoke to a fellow gardener who has 100's of these in her yard...she said they that will be showing new growth within the next month.

GardenDesigner, thanks for stopping by. Glad we finally got Blotanical to see things our way ;). Seeing what other gardeners grow on other zones in one of my favorite things about blogging. Ginger and Susie for example live 3 hours away, and can grow things I can't and vice versa....very interesting.

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