Monday, March 30, 2009

Felder in Fairhope

I don't have much to post on my I will share a garden field trip with you. Back in January a few of the Garden Club ladies went to Fairhope to see Felder Rushing speak. I wasn't able to attend unfortunately, but Ramona did get some pictures for me. Fairhope is across the bay from Mobile, about 45 minutes. It is a beautiful little city. Last week they were discussing raising the sale tax from 6% to 8%. This made the residents very unhappy. The city employs a full time horticulturist, who keeps the city looking great. They have beautiful flowers beds around the city. Some of the residents want to do away with maintaining the flowers, and keep the taxes low. I think that the flowers add so much to the city and Fairhope wouldn't be the same without them. But I don't live in Fairhope so I don't really get a say so! Felder loves making containers from strange items. Would you put this in your yard? This is even a little much for the Dirt Princess A tire container...yes it is green...well pink...but again...a little much for me
Felder is notably know for his truck. He always has a garden of some sort growing in the bed of his truck. He changes it occasionally.
Fruit stand and flowers in Fairhope
So nice!


Phillip said...

We had the pleasure of stopping in Fairhope on our way to the beach a few years ago. It is beautiful. I'm amazed that there are people who would rather give up a beautiful place to live just to avoid paying a few cents extra on taxes.

Dirt Princess said...

Phillip I would think that the people who are objecting the tax increase do not garden.

Susie said...

My hubbie and I drove thru Fairhope last year. It was the first time I had been there and instantly loved it. The flower displays were gorgeous. It would be a shame to not see them anymore even if I don't live there.

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