Monday, March 16, 2009

Blooming around town

It is pretty sad when you have to see what your flowers look like at someone elses yard! I gave a friend of mine some amaryllis and irises a while back. I had gotten them from the hunting camp. I had no idea what color they is just a waiting game for them to bloom and suprise me. However, my friends irises have bloomed and the amaryllis are not far behind. This particular amaryllis was not from me....but I thought it was beautiful
This one I can gerber daisy. It bloomed in December, and it is back out again
This is the iris I gave my friend. It bloomed for her! I got this particular one from the hunting camp (amazing that I remember that considering I have gotten irises from 4 or 5 old places!). I was so excited to see how beautiful it was. I cannot wait for all of mine to bloom.


Darla said...

Just beautiful and the colors are stunning!

JoLyn said...

What gorgeous flowers! Our tulips and daffodils are just a few inches tall - spring will be official pretty soon!

Marilyn Jones said...

Hey Sweetie, the pictures are beautiful. Just a note, the daisy is a Gerbera rather than Gerber.

Ginger said...

Beautiful blooms!

So you can leave gerberas in the ground all winter in Mobile? We have to bring them inside over winter here - just three hours north from you!

Dirt Princess said...

Marily...I am know I know better, but I have such a bad habit of calling them Gerber's...and I know it is a is just a bad habit that I need to break

Ginger - Yes we can leave our gerbera's in ground year round. That particular gerbera ia a very old breed. My 80 year old garden buddy gave me 6 of them, and they were HER grandmothers! Amazing! It is an old heirloom plant. It actaully blooms in December/January. They will re-seed and spread. I hate that you have to dig yours. What a difference a few hours makes! They are such beautiful flowers.

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