Friday, March 6, 2009

There is a Rattlesnake in my garden

But it's not the kind that bites....its the kind that ravages your yard, and takes over!
This my friends is Rattlesnake weed...or thats what we call it in the South. Its roots reach 12"-24" down into the ground. The actual root resembles a rattlesnake rattler (I will post pics). Thus making it hard to kill since it does grow so deep. It is a winter weed, it spreads rapidly and will take over your entire yard...and I am one of the lucky ones who have been blessed with it.
Now let me tell you what WILL NOT KILL rattlesnake weed (I know this because I have tried):
Round Up
Round Up Pro
Any topical weed and feed
and sadly admitting that I have tried it and it has failed GAS!
However...I have discovered 1 of 2 weed killers that will work.
I ran across this product at LESCO. It is call MANOR. It runs about $125 for a small bottle. Their is a generic version of it call MANSION that runs about $90 a bottle. Manor is what golf courses use on their greens. It is a concentrate and will kill all weeds. It is GUARANTEED to kill rattlesnake weed. It is formulated to penetrate deep into the soil to kill the roots. One bottle covers an acre.
Golf courses by it by the liter and it runs about $900...but they also buy several cases of it.
Now $125 may seem like alot of money for weed killer, but trust me.....I have spent a lot more than that on other products attempting to kill it.
I HAVE not used this product yet. I will be purchasing it later this summer.
Have any of you heard of this product or used it? If so let me know.
On the other hand I can say that ROUND UP PRO works is a but pricey but worth it. Now several of my fellow gardeners have told me that they use bleach as weed killer! BLEACH! We all know bleach is inexpensive...and I have tried it and it worked (concentrate).


EB said...

Yet another reason why I hate golf courses...

Anonymous said...

For the stubborn ones, I have always used a stump and brush killer. I just poor the concentrate right on it. Good luck! I live in Georgia and am familiar with the plant when looking at your pictures but I have yet to learn it's name.

Dirt Princess said...

BF....I am not sure of the proper name of it...but if you say Rattlesnake weed in South Alabama....people shudder at the thought.

gardenerprogress/Catherine said...

I'm not familiar with that weed. I have some I've given up trying to kill and just pull it out as I work. I can't imagine having one that none of those things will get rid of. Good luck!

Quenton said...

I have tried white vinegar to no avail(which works when I pour it in the cracks riddled with other types of weeds). I will try the cheap bleach next (90 is just too much, I would rather pull for hours on my hands and knees). Thanks for the tip these thinks are driving me crazy. Take my advice, if you see these monsters get them before they set their roots or spread their seeds just after they flower. They are so invasive the took over a bed that had been covered in creeping fig for years (they are smart...they dig their roots under the landscape cloth so it makes the roots even thougher to get to). At least there are no thorns and they are easy to pull!!!

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