Thursday, March 12, 2009

Monthly Yard Photos - March

Here are some photos from this month...every thing still looks pretty shabby if you ask me. But later on things will perk up and look a bit better. This is the bed I expanded last month
Nothing new here but the Circus piece and a hyacinth
A few gerber's poking up. I plan on tearing this playhouse down this summer. There is a gold fish pond underneath it (strange?). I am going to get it back up to working condition and enlarge the bed to tie into the bed to the left of it (the circus piece bed).
A lot has come up in this bed since the last month, it is just hard to tell from the photo
This is a new bed I just made. It is at the foot of my driveway, and backs up to the back yard fence. The white fence on the left is The Berlin wall my neighbors built. It is a rose bed and it is not where I want it yet. #1 I don't like the border. I only put it there to keep the leaves from blowing out until I get around to doing something else. #2 I am going to add 2 pieces of lattice on the fence for the climbing roses to grow on. There are about 10 roses in this bed, but there are all covered with leaves right now. I added the angel in memory of The Hunter's mom who recently passed away.
On the front is a disaster! I have only focused on the back yard for the past few years, because it was bare. Well now that I have some good beds established back there...I need to get a jump on the front because it is an embarrassment!
The beds that are in the front were already there when we bought the house. There were only a few plants in them though. I had added plants in them...but it needs help.
This is the side bed (love all the meters!). It had tomatoes in it when we moved in. I have added a lot in it, but nothing is coming up yet.
This bed is in front of the porch. I am going to bust down the stone edging and expand the bed up to the sidewalk, and add alot more flowers.
This is the bed on the other side of the side walk. I don't care for the boxwoods...but for now they will do. I want to get rid of them someday. There is a crepe myrtle between the windows, but it has a fungus and has never done anything. So I don't know if I should spray it and try to resuscitate it, or dig it up???? (Note the green clumps of grass at the edging....this would be the rattlesnake weed!)
There is a light post near our driveway that I am going to make a bed around. I will take pics of it soon. I plan on using alot of the seeds I have planted to create this bed.
I am also going to expand the bed around my mailbox. Currently there are 2 knockout roses there. I am going to enlarge it, and add in other flowers.
Whew! I think I have my work cut out for me in the front!


FlowerLady said...

Pretty soon, your gardens will be filled with blooming flowers and I look forward to seeing pictures then. I can only imagine how hard it would be waiting for gardens to wake up from their winter slumber.


gardenerprogress/Catherine said...

It's looking good! I love the arbor. Did you get any visitors to your bird feeders yet? It seems like they would love your yard.

Dirt Princess said...

Catherine - I have planted a white climbing rose on the arbor...can't wait to see it grow! And NO birds have shown up yet, unless they are coming when I am not at home? I am going to give it another month and then try changing the feed....maybe they are picky?

tina said...

I would have to agree with you-tons of work if you do all you say-I'm getting worn out thinking of it, but I know it is all a work of love. I think your home looks nice. The backyard is like mine-lots of doodads. Hey, we gotta have some character and keep it fun don't we? I love your neighbor's Berlin wall. Wish my neighbors would do the the same here. I can think of all sorts of shrubs that would look good with that backdrop.

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