Monday, May 11, 2009

Weekend Warrior

What a weekend!!!! I was running around like a mad woman all weekend. Friday I spent most of the day delivering flags, flog, posts and water to all 5 gardens, and picking up tickets where we had them out for sale.
I didn't get to work out in my yard until yesterday. I finally made the bed around the mailbox!!! We will get to that later. Ramona gave me several plants that I had to get planted...Sapphire Sage (Salvia guarnitica, or Blue anise sage or Brazilian sage), another kind of sage...just can't remember right now, Bee Balm, and Stokes Aster. The Dirt Queen (my mom) gave me some purple and yellow coneflowers she has grown from seed....since none of mine did a thing!!!!!! All of my gladiolas are blooming. I staked them up yesterday...I just love them!
Here is a view of the front yard...don't mind The Hunter's truck parked in the lawn!!! Men...
I made the bed around the mailbox yesterday. Not anything great to look at right now. I put down the weed control fabric. I am going to let it sit a while to kill all the grass and weeds underneath. I wanted to put down some pavers to set the garbage can on, I had 3 pavers already, and I needed one more. I picked one up at Home Depot. They didn't have any that matched the 3 I I just grabbed a plain one. Well it is 18" x 18" and apparently the others are 16" x 16".......oh well. I can't wait to add some flowers in it now! If you notice in the front bed to the right...I pulled out the Nandina. There were 3 of them. I dug them out to make room for others things. The boxwoods are next!
Here is the bed out front. You can see the Stokes Aster, Bee Balm, and Sapphire Sage (the 4 large green things sticking up!).
A view of the porch bed. You can clearly tell the the front 3' is the expanded area, since everything is so small versus whats in the rear of the bed!
Coreopsis, Gardenia and sprinkler ;)
Gerbera Daisy. This is the "old fashion" type from Mrs. Brown. This is about it 4th time to bloom this year alone!
This is a rose that Mrs. Brown gave me as well. I believe it is Annie's Red Rose.
Now for the informational part of the post.........
In a previous post I discussed Rattlesnake weed. It is a major problem here. The roots are extremely deep and it is hard to kill. The weed is named so, because the roots resemble Rattlesnake rattles. I dug out a trench around the mailbox to set the edging in. This is what I got....
That is an up close photo of the Rattlesnake weed root.
Look at all of them!
And yes...I did separate them from the clumps of dirt just for you to see!!! There were 100;s of them! I got tired of separating and figured this was enough of them for ya'll to get the point.
If you ever see these roots while planting, digging, etc....get them out!!!! You cannot pull up a root just by pulling the weed. The weed will break away from the root, and within a day or 2 you will have another weed. You must get the root up. Atleast I managed to get these up. Hopefully that weed fabric will suffocate the remaining Rattlesnake roots! I hate these things.
Do any of you have problems with rattlesnake weed?
On a brighter note....The Hunter went to the hunting camp this weekend to cut the grass. He came back with these.....
God Bless him!!! It is an old rose, it is light pink and a climber...a true climber. Sorry the pictures are not clear, they were taken with my phone. This rose climbs trees, posts, etc. I am rooting them. I want to put them on a trellis in the front, and also on the two columns on the front porch. I just love them. I have a Seven Sisters climbing rose that is just like this, but it is hot pink.
Well that's about it. It is a slow process, but I am pleased with the way the front lawn is coming along. The Hunter hates the leaves I use for mulch. He is insistant upon going and getting a truckload of mulch. Its not that I neccessarily love leaves as mulch...but leaves are free, mulch costs $. Oh well......he did put out some fertilizer on the lawn and weed killer. It will get there soon. Then I can enjoy the fruits of my labor!
Hope you all had a wonderful weekend, and a wonderful Mother's Day


Darla said...

Very good work over the weekend, you so be proud! Looks wonderful.

Prospero said...

Things are looking good. I like the porch bed in particular. You have a big front yard (with plenty room for bed expansion! - oh, the dreaded bed expansion: when will it end). I'm the same way, really. There's always room for something new. And changes are a way of life.

I'm lucky I don't have those rattlesnake weeds (I have plenty others, but not that one).

Pet Watch: I'm sure that Kiki and Angelina would get along splendidly since my Angelina is part cat to begin with!

Jesikarena said...

What a great Husband you have! My hubby would have NEVER even thought of that. He must be a real sweetie!
Its a beautiful rose too!

tina said...

That rattlesnake weed is SO cool, not cool enough to plant here though since it takes over. Thanks for the warning. The roses are great-must be in great appreciation to you for his weekend at the camp.

gardenerprogress/Catherine said...

I really like your new mailbox bed. It's so fun to create more planting areas!
I've never seen rattlesnake weed or the roots, those are some big weed roots. No wonder they drive you crazy!
Pretty pink roses, I hope you get them rooted!

Jamie and Randy said...

Don't wear yourself out too quick you have an entire season ahead of you!--Randy

Dirt Princess said...

Darla - Thanks! I just watched the space shuttle take off and thought of you

Propero - Yes I do have a fairly large front yard. It needs much work. I have focused only on the back yard for the past 3 it was time to move to the front. Everything you see has been done this year.

Jesikarena - He is getting there. He is finally showing interest in what I do. It makes me happy beyond words when he finds flowers for me in the woods and brings them to me! Love him more than anything.

Tina - The root looks like a fat grub worm! He has been finding me plants and bringing them home! He will tell me about old homeplaces he comes across that had flowers!

Catherine - feel blessed that you don't have this weed! It is such an annoyance. I am glad you like the bed. I am going to let it sit about 2 -3 weeks then plant.

Randy - no fear......I have plenty to do for this season. I have 2 more beds I want to make out front. One os around the hideousness of a drain ditch!!! AHHH!

Silvia said...

Very pretty yard. I like american type of gardens, opened, without fences, clean and neat. Yours looks so lovely, despite the truck. :)

EB said...

I'm amazed at what you have in bloom already! Hydrangeas don't come out for me here until August. When did your spring start, or do things bloom pretty much all year?

Also when you say you're rooting the roses - can you say a bit about how you're doing this, because I'd love to try.

It's all looking great, by the way!

Dirt Princess said...

Silvia - Thanks. So very sweet of you!

EB - You need to read my post from Friday

We have a 10 month growing season here. The hydrangeas will bloom for the rest of the summer.

I plan on doing a post for Wednesday on rooting roses, hydrangeas, and water ever else. So be looking for that on Wednesday. It will be a step by step.

Becca's Dirt said...

I have never seen roots like that. That was nice of Hunter to bring you some rose's for you to root. I like your idea of using the free leaves. The bed in the front is looking good. Becca

Heather said...

You are one busy girl! Do you ever rest? The new bed looks great. That should be a fun one to plant!

mlc said...

How do you get all that done. I have a favor to ask. I friend of my daughter's goes to a Savannah art school. She is participating in a poster contest. She's a great girl and is having a rally on facebook. I thought it would be a kick to get some of you southern gardeners to vote for her poster--read all about it at

Dirt Princess said...

Becca - Thanks

Heather - no....I don't! When I'm in bed I am thinking about what I need to be doing in the garden....its ridiculous!

mlc - I am going now to vote ;)

mlc said...

Oh my gosh. I'm excited!!!!

Ginger said...

Those roots are CRAZY looking!! Glad we don't have them here!

I also love using free leaves as mulch, plus they don't attract termites like bark mulch does - a big plus where I live and with a wood house! My husband thinks they (and pine straw) look terrible too, though!

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