Thursday, May 14, 2009

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It has rained all around me.....everywhere but my yard!!! Go figure! It did rain for about 5 minutes yesterday according to The Hunter. Just a tease! The front bed...the coneflowers are really showing off.
Daylily, Plumbago, Tibouchina, and close up of Plumbago
The Daylily was completely broken off yesterday! I believe the culprit was the Direct TV man who came and installed a lovely post in my flower bed. Apparently the satellite on the house wasn't good enough. It must pick up better stuck in my flower bed. Just one more ugly thing to work around!
Japanese Magnolia blooming for the 3rd time this year
Mop head hydrangea, and Lace Cap hydrangea buds
Garden Club meeting is tonight. I am excited as usual!!!!


Outside In said...

The Japanese Magnolia and the Hydrangeas is gorgeous! I wish we can grow the plumbagos here it's one of my favorites.


Darla said...

i really need to get some white coneflowers...cute flower bed and the hydrangeas are beautiful.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Beautiful yard and flower bed, DP... You have some gorgeous plants and flowers. WOW!!!!!

We have an ugly old telephone poll RIGHT in our yard... Yuk!!!! We have Clematis growing up there --hopefully to hide some of that ugly thing during the summer..


Prairie Chicken... said...

I love the pics of the Hydrangeas with the bursting buds

RainGardener said...

Love your Japanese Magnolia and always love hydrangeas.

Jesikarena said...

The Hydrangeas look GREAT!

Prospero said...

Those hydrangeas are pretty nice. The Direct TV guy traipsing through your flower bed. Imagine the nerve! There aught to be a law against that!

Cathy ~ Tadpoles and Teacups said...

The pics are beautiful! Don't you just love spring!!

My Mother's Garden said...

Wow! That Japanese Magnolia blossom is absolutely stunning! I want one!

gardenerprogress/Catherine said...

I didn't know magnolias could bloom multiple times, it's so pretty! Does you whit coneflower have a scent? I've read that some of the white ones do.

Dirt Princess said...

Cathy - One of The Hunter's lawn customers gave me 5 sprigs of Plumbago...I am proud to say all 5 lived and are doing well. I plan on taking some more cuttings and putting them every where.

Darla - They are wonderful! I am surprised you don't have any. They are EXCELLENT cut flowers. They will literally last for weeks

Betsy - Something must be done about the satellite....can't he see I had a little operation going on !!! How dare him stich it there!!!

Prarie Chick - I can't wait to see this one in full bloom. I have 2 lacecaps now.

RG - Thanks

Jesikarena - lets swap...I will send you a cutting of all of my hydrangeas in exchange for 3 cuttings off your Limelight ;). Deal?

Prospero - Tell me about it! Broke off my daylily!!!!!!!!

Cathy - It is wonderful indeed

Mother's Garden - Japanese Magnolia (next to a dogwood) is my fave tree

Catherine - Plants do strange things here. I have gerbera daisies that bloom at christmas here, my mom had irises bloom in January. Welcome to our world...plants to what they want here. I like to think when plants bloom out of season, its because they are happy...and they are letting us know (I know...I'm a dork). Hmmm. I will smell it when I get home. I don't know if it does or not. I will tell you tomorrow

Joanne said...

Hi Thanks for commenting on my blog Joanne's cottage gardn glad you enjoyed the Laburnum.

I expect you can grow Jacaranda where you live. i have some grown from seed but they get a bit sick in winter anwill never be able to keep them until they flower as I have no where frost free that would accomodate them.

Love your white rocking chairs.

Dirt Princess said...

Joanne - I am going to look into that! I am glad you like my rocking chairs, if you notice they don't match! I found them on the side of the road....LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!

Becca's Dirt said...

Great photos DP. That Japanese Magnoila is magnificent. Beautiful color. Becca

Marie said...

Beautiful photos from your garden :)
My post is about garden work I have done the last couple of days.
Sometimes I write a little bit in english, but I'm not very good in it...

I don't know the name of the hydrangea, it was my mother's when the garden was hers.

Dirt Princess said...

Marie - Some blogs don't need explanation...the pictures speak for themselves, and yours is one of them. Don't you worry...I will visit anyway. How special to have your mother's hydrangea. It is probably an old fashion type.

Anonymous said...

Well look at cute little Dirt Princess!
You like critters and bugs and funny stuff just like me. You also know that sweet little Darla that I have just had the pleasure of reading. I am so lucky. Count me in as a regular reader!


tina said...

Have fun at garden club!

Gail said...

First the great song and then the fun nature sounds...topped off by a really fine garden! You know how to do it right! Now tell me where I can go to get the music set up for my blog, please! gail

Susie said...

Your front bed is looking great. Pretty flowers.

Frances said...

Hi April, I feel your pain, we have two satellite dishes right in my sight line. The arborvitae hedge will someday cover them from my field of vision. Yuck. But your hydrangeas and magnolia are fabulous! Sorry for your lack of rain. Maybe soon you will get some as well. :-)

Ginger said...

Everything looks great! You're an inspiration with your infinite projects and energy!

Those lacecap hydrangea buds are really cool, so unusual.

Roses and Lilacs said...

Wish I could grow the lace caps in my area. Hydrangea are one of my favorites. Your porch looks so inviting. Wicker chairs and cold lemonade on a summer day;)

Dorothy said...

Beautiful post! Thanks for visiting my blog! You asked me about my camera, it is a Nikon D 80. I have three different lens for it, 18-55, 18-200 and 70-300. I use the 70-300 for most of my bird pictures but the 18-200 is the best for all around shooting. Thanks for asking and for your comment!

Dirt Princess said...

Florida Sue - Glad to have you!!!

Tina - We had a lot of fun at the meeting as usual...we had some REALLY great ideas. I will share them soon :)

Gail - Well thank you :). YOu should be able to click on my music player at the bottom of my page, and use that link to creat your own. Once you do that, go under layout and add gadget (I believe it is an HTML code). Let me know if you need help

Susie - Thanks, it is finally starting to fill out

Frances - It has rained every where in Mobile County EXCEPT my yard!!!!!

Ginger - so sweet!

Marnie - If you love hydranges you are sure to love the next post (being served up in minutes)

Dorothy - Thanks for the info :) I really need a camera like that

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