Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Progression of a Hydrangea

I have been photographing the progression of my hydrangea blooms. I thought it would be interesting to watch them bloom. Some are faster than others, I have a few hydrangeas that have not yet bloomed. They are slowly getting there. They should bloom after all this rain! This is one of the lacecap hydrangeas. You can click on the collage to enlarge it. This is ONE plant, all these buds/blooms are from the same plant. This is the hydrangea my mom rooted for me from my grandmas hydrangea. Again...this is one plant. I am amazed at the color variation on this one plant. There are atleast 5-6 color variations on it. The photos at the bottom of the collage have been taken within the past 4 days. The blooms are light blue, white, peach, pale pink, lavender and cream. I am fascinated by them!


Darla said...

Just beautiful. It is amazing how the ph can be slightly different on the sides of the plant and change the colors of the blooms.

RainGardener said...

Beautiful. I love Hydrangeas. Out here I find no one is familiar with my Lace Cap and they love it but I see them being sold all the time. It's funny about all the different colors - probably changing slowly from the pink to blue or the other way around. All of mine are just barely showing buds now.

tina said...

I am too! Those collages are an awesome way to showcase the diversity in these wonderful shrubs.

Carol @ TheWritersPorch said...

Their beauties DP! I love the collage!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Beautiful DP... That's a neat idea to track the progress of some of our flowers... I should have done a collage when showing my rose (Rio Samba) which changed colors from day to day... Great idea!!!

Your hydrangeas are GORGEOUS.

VW said...

The blooms look great! My hydrangeas are just starting to show green growth from the base after dying back to the ground on a night in March when temps dipped below zero. How nice to have flowers already!

cherry said...

your Hydranges are looking so pretty mine are no where near ready to start blooming.
hugs, Cherry

Susie said...

Nice collages. The hydrangeas are lovely.

Jan (Thanks For 2 Day) said...

I didn't know that was possible...all I knew was something about the acidity helps with the color...but that many 'different' colors, that's amazing! Your collage is very nice;-)

Lou Cinda said...

Now you know I am ALL about the hydranga!! My FAVORITE! And this one is amazing, and such a tribute to be rooted from your grandmother! It's an heirloom hydrangea...and I am jealous!

I covet that hydrangea!

Hav a great weekend! We are supposed to have SUN :)

Lou Cinda

My Mother's Garden said...

Fascinating blossoms indeed! Love the collages you created in this post! I wish hydrangea would grow down here in Fl. It's just too darn hot for them :(

Rusty in Miami said...

I like the way you organize your pictures. What program do you use?

Rusty in Miami said...

I like the way you organize your pictures. What program do you use?

Dirt Princess said...

Darla - It is pretty neat, they have a mind of their own!

RG - I can't wait to see all of your blooms soon

Tina Thanks...glad you enjoyed it

Carol - Thanks

Betsy - YOu should do that next time!

VW - I am glad your hydrangeas are making a come back....can't wait to see them show off

Cherry - I figured you wouldn't be to far behind me

Susie - Thanks

Jan- Yes the soil makes all the difference. So far all of mine that have bloomed are blue, even if they were pink when planted. I don't plan on tinkering with the soil to change them back to pink...I just let them do what they want

lou Cinda - Thanks....I have tons of heirloom plants, they are my fave

Mother's Garden - I hate that you can't grow them, on the flipside you can grow alot there that I can't a bouganvillea (sp?). I can grow them in pots, but they have to be moved inside during winter :(

Rusty - I upload my photos into Flickr, then uge Big Huge Labs to create the collage. It links to Flickr photos. Very quick and easy.

Let me know if you need help with it

Silvia said...

Beautiful! Changing colours on one plant!

Prairie Chicken... said...

I love this post! Absolutely stunning.

Kara said...

Wonderful! I am desperate to try some of these guys, but I'm afraid to grow them in full sun down here in the oven... Any suggestions on type to choose for high heat?

Dirt Princess said...

Silvia they are pretty amazing to me. There are few plants that I am aware of that actually change the way they do

PC - Glad you enjoyed it

Kara there are some full sun hydrangeas. Let me check them out for you and get back with you.

jennifer said...

We moved to south Alabama and our old home in north central AL is on the market. We go back to our old home to stay and visit our family fairly often. Our blue hydrangea bush is in full bloom and has more flowers on it than it EVER has... and we are 5 hours away and unable to enjoy it daily :(

I really do love hydrangeas!!

Anonymous said...

MG, I don't know where in FL you are but am in S. Fl and I'm successfully growing then in pots. Not all are blooming, but the oldest one about 2 years old has bloomed the last two seasons. Keep them away from direct sun facing north. Mine are on my north facing porch. My sister started growing them also no blooms yet. We started growing the in memory of our granma, her name was Hortensia the latin name for hydrangeas.

DP: yours are amazing great collage.

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