Monday, May 18, 2009

After the rain

I finally got some rain yesterday!!! Whoo hoo!!! A good rain too! I cleaned house pretty much all day...which was much needed. It has to rain in order for me to get housework done, or I will stay outside all day!! I did manage to get everything done inside that needed to be done....whew! Can you see the rain clouds?
Look how green everything is.
Dinner Plate Dahlia
Lacecap Hydrangea, this one was pink when I planted it last year. I have not added a thing to changed based on the soil. I like it blue.
Hydrangea....I am watching this one close. I got it from my grandma, and it was a powder it is light blue, lavender, white and has hints of pink. Of course it isn't completely done it may turn completely blue.
Sweet William
Stokes Aster my favorite color
Sapphire Sage
Double Daylily coming up in the coneflowers....I didn't plant this here....this is a mystery
I had to run out to the flea market yesterday afternoon to pick up something for The Hunter. To make my trip worth while, I figured I would buy some flowers. There are always tons of great flowers at the Flea Market. You can usually get some good deals late Sunday afternoon, because most people don't want to haul all of that stuff back home. Most people had packed up and gone home, but I did find some great hydrangeas. I got two hydrangeas for $10....can you see the smile on my face!!! One is a lacecap and the other is a mophead.
The lacecap...not sure the name of it. Look at the double blooms. Very neat, I don't have one like this.I love the pale pink and white
Here is the other one I bought, It is bigger than the other
This is the same hydrangea...look at the color variation. That is one of the things I love about they change colors as they bloom.
Here they both are.....$10!!!! Can't beat that with a stick!
I did make one other purchase at the Flea Market....I couldn't resist this! Now pardon the picture....I wasn't trying to be a porn star....Maybe I should have taken the picture in the mirror, The Hunter was gone to work and couldn't take it, and Kiki was sleeping (go figure). So I took the picture myself....but now that I look at it....well.....seems a bit...well....its all boobs. Sorry......I just wanted to show ya'll my cute shirt....It says "I Make Dirt Look Good" PRECIOUS is that. I love it. It will be part of my new yard outfit! Maybe I should have taken a picture of the shirt before I put it on....oh well. I tried to crop it...but that just made it worse.
Anyway...moving right along.....its Monday...ugh!!! I am already wishing the weekend was here!!! It is pretty cool out this morning. The rain really cooled it down, and there is no humidity. It was 58 degrees outside on my way to work. It is supposed to warm up, the humidity is low it should be great outside. Have a great Monday


Jesikarena said...

Your garden is beautiful!
I am extremely jealous of your new hydrangeas!
: )
your shirt is very cute, very you!
Hope you have a great day!

gardenerprogress/Catherine said...

Your garden and flowers look great. I'm glad you got your needed rain. I also wait for the rain to do housework too. Who wants to clean bathrooms when the sun is out?!
The hydrangeas were a great deal too.

Heather said...

Wow DP- your yard looks fantastic. Mine is really green too but I don't have blooms yet! Soon, I hope!

Tootsie said... is all so inviting and green...I wish I could tour in person! I also am loving that saying on your shirt!!! I need one of Mostly I am covered in dirt. lol
I am like you...if I can be outside...I I will get a lot of cleaning done...that is if I am not's snowing

Amy said...

Your pictures are beautiful! Here in Illinois our Dinner Plate Dahlias don't bloom 'til August. I LOVE what you bought at the flea market. I always buy there too! Last year I passed on an unusual shade of Echinacea 'cause I didn't want to carry it around with me. After that I couldn't find that variety anywhere.

Darla said...

We received 1 and 7/10's rain yesterday, and yes while things are really green it's really chilly outside, for me anyway. Your gardens are really looking good. Cute shirt, I'm sure some of the men readers are not going to mind this photo at all! LOL

Tatyana said...

Next time it's raining here, I'll send it your way. Deal? Everything looks bright, fresh and healthy! BTW, I like that cute crown on your pictures!

Dirt Princess said...

Jesikarena - Thanks

Catherine - It is extremely difficult to clean when it is pretty outside!!! So the rain was good for the garden, my house and laundry

Heather - Thanks....hopefully you will get soe rain soon

Tootsie - I CANNOT believe it is snowing there. Man....when will you be able to start gardening? They had another shirt that said "I like to Play in the dirt" but it was a t-shirt, and I am a tank top kinda gal in the summer..LOL!!

Amy - If I am not done shopping I get them to hold my items until I am reasy to go, then I come back by and get them.

Darla - I am blushing......if I start having random men follow my blog I will know why...LOL!

Tatyana - I have been trying to add a watermark on some of my pics...I just have gotten out of the habit of doing it. I will glady take your rain ;)

Ellie Mae's Cottage said...

I'm always outside too when the weather is nice and the inside of my house gets neglected. We've had 2 days of straight rain so I'm getting things done inside too. Love the pictures of the daylilies! I just bought some and will be planting them soon. -Jackie

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi DP, Love the shirt.... Perfect for YOU!!!! The rain did your yard alot of good, didn't it????? It's just gorgeous... I was drawn to your double daylily. I've never seen one. We have quite a few daylilies--icluding the one above the double one. BUT--I've never seen the double. How neat!!!!

Have a great Monday.

Kathleen from Eggs In My Pocket said...

I know how you feel about the rain.....we finally got some this weekend as well. Love the shirt! blessings,Kathleen

Lou Cinda said...

I LOVE the dinner plate dahlias! And the hydrangeas are gorgeous! They are my absolute favorite flower! my bridal bouquet were hydrangeas!

Your blog is so pretty! I'm a follower!!

Lou Cinda :)

Becca's Dirt said...

I love your shirt. The double bloom hydrangea is awesome. Don't ya love how they change colors. Becca

Dirt Princess said...

Jackie - I don't know about you, but I feel better when I can catch up on housework. It was much needed

Betsy - Glad you like the shirt. My neighbors have several doubles, I didn't know that I had any...but apparently I do! This was not there last year, I am really befuzzled by it...not sure where it came from????????

Lou Cinda - Glad you came to visit. I cannot wait for the dinner plate to fully bloom.

Becca - Thanks. It is always exciting to see what the hydrangeas will do next

Frances said...

Hi Princess, HA to the boob shot! The shirt is cute though. Innocent that you are. :-) So glad for your rain, got to keep those hydrangeas hydrated! What a bargain too. They might have given you that good deal because of the shirt? Or were you wearing something else? :-)

Alan said...

Great looking photos! A lot blooming in your yard. Your blueberries look great!

BTW...nice boob shot...keep it up & you may get a whole new type of audience! LOL!!

Susie said...

All your hydrangeas look great Dirt Princess. Glad to hear you got rain. So did we and it's suppose to get to 49 degrees tonight. Feels great!

Cute t-shirt!

Kathleen said...

Love your flowers... and the shirt.. will have to find me one! LOL

Joanne said...

Yes I only do housework when it rains my house is as untidy as the garden but in true cottage style.
I love your hydrangeas especially the white lace cap. i have a few small ones grown from cuttings which will stay in pots for a year or two.

Dirt Princess said...

Frances - LOL!!! I was NOT wearing that shirt at the time...but that is a good idea. I will wear it next time I go to the Flea Market!!!

Alan - I can't stop laughing.....

Susie - It feels so great outside still....3 days in a row with no humidity. It is wonderful!

Kathleen - Flea Market!!!

Joanne - I have started rooting about 5 different types of hydrangeas. I will keep them in pots as well for about a year. One is a verigated lacecap.

Prairie Chicken... said...

loooove the Dianthus

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