Thursday, May 28, 2009

I hate you....really I do........

Before I go off on a tirade about what I hate, let me show you some things I love... The first blueberries of the season. They will be packed away in the freezer until I get enough to do something with. I had nearly given up on these seeds...I had high expectations for them...and they failed me, well I failed them...I planted them too late...way too late.
But low and behold....the purple and white coneflowers are emerging.... I was shocked to see them coming up. I thought they were goners. Three months after planting them, they have decided to make me happy after all.
Here are some of the other slackers....well not all of them. The zinnias will go in the ground this weekend. Most of them have already been planted. There are more cosmos to plant as well. However the hollyhocks, foxgloves, columbine, vinca, salvia and daisies are taking there time to grow....sigh....they will come around.
The gladiola had a visitor yesterday
This is some kinda ginger...can't remember which one...any ideas? I have 4 different types. It is pretty which ever one it is.
It is a shade ginger, unlike my butterfly ginger.
Now....the part I hate.....
My neighbor's directly behind me, have this INVASIVE crapola plant that grows in the yard...well lucky me...IT SPREADS! Oh the joy!!!! It spreads everywhere, by the dozen. WHAT IS IT AND HOW DO I KILL IT.
Yes...those are its little spawns....sprouting up everywere! Big and little!!!!
EVERYWHERE!!! These were just weed whacked 3 weeks ago, and they're back!!!!! I don't want you, I don't like you, matter of fact I hate you! GO AWAY!
This is a close up, yes it resembles a hydrangea...but this is a phony, a fake, a wanna be!
There they are on the other side of the fence, blooming, spawning all over my yard!
I have sprayed every weed killer known to man on them, weed whacked them a million times, put tarps over them to suffocate them, poured salt on them, is gas! I am gassing them!!! Keep your annoying, invasive, stinky plants on your side of the fence!!!!!!!!! You cannot pull them up, they have roots to China, and WILL NOT be pulled up!
What's a girl to do here??????? It looks like Jurassic Park back there by the is an embarrassment. Here I am busting my rear to make my yard look great, and these devilish plants are invading my territory!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
There should be some kind of city ordinance about this, something! So what are they and what do I do about them. And why on earth would anyone grow them to begin with!!!!!!!!!!!
As Twisted Sister would say " We're not gonna take it, no we're not gonna take it anymore"!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Becca's Dirt said...

That gladiola is fine. Blueberries are ready for the cake mix and the oven. YUMmmm.

Silvia said...

I am sorry! And I was feeling blue because on one side of my garden I don't have any neighbors and I am full of weeds. On the other part I have our friends with their case under construction for 2 years now and is full of weeds in their garden. So, I think, this flower that you've got is prettier than my weeds. Don't you feel better now??? :)

Anonymous said...

Lovely photos as usual. I planted some ginger that is just starting to come up and for the life of me can't remember it's name. Your unknown ginger is a stunner. We had to finally resort to RoundUp on our neighbor's weeds. I know how you feel.

FlowerLady said...

Gosh, I think the flowers are pretty. Are you sure you can't leave this volunteer 'area' and work around it. It sees like some of your garden buddies would know what this is. I hope you find out, because I'd like to know. It does look like a hydrangea.

Happy Gardening ~ FlowerLady

Dirt Princess said...

Becca - I cannot wait to bake something with them! Pancakes, muffins, cobbler...yum

Silvia - LOL thanks girl! :)

Florida Sue - I don't know what to do

FlowerLady - If they didn't spread like rapid fire, and grow up to 10' tall I may would leave them alone...but if I don't then soon it will be all out in my yard...everywhere! Not to mention they stink when they bloom....a grotesque stink. Some of the ladies told me the latin name of what it was...but I forgot. Really I don't care what it is better off dead if you ask me. I think I am going to throw some rattlesnake weed over the fence for I am not that mean, I couldn't do that to anyone.

Teri C said...

Hi, I have been trying to visit your blog for a few days but Blogger has been having some issues. I found that if I sneak in through your name, then into your blog it works.

I LOVE all your beautiful flowers!!

Anyway, I saw your note wanting to know more about ATCs. email me and I can explain more details. My email address will be on here when it is emailed to you.

Dirt Princess said...

Teri C - NOOOOOOOOOO not again. What is the deal??? I have problems with some other peoples blogs as well. If it gives me the message that it can't display the website, I hit ok, and then the back button and it works.

Darla said...

Don't give up on your seeds!! Your Ginger sure looks like a Canna to me, I haven't a clue about the invasive plant from your neighbors. comment on my blog: So far our hibiscus have come back, at least the white one it's almost ready to bloom. I bought one 3 years ago and now I have about 8 from seed....

Dirt Princess said... know what...I bet it is a Canna. Ramona gave me a bunch of ginger, she must have had some canna mixed up in there.

gardenerprogress/Catherine said...

I like all your ginger/canna which ever it is, I love the color. Lucky you to have blueberries already!
I wonder what your neighbors plant is? It does look hydrangeaish to me too.
We have neighbors on one side that plant invasive/weedy plants and it drives me crazy too. I want to put a sign up that says "these plants aren't mine" so that other people will know I would never plant them.

Susie said...

Your ginger is definitely a canna lily. I had that same one growing before.

As far as your mystery plant, I don't have a clue.

tina said...

It is really pretty. I was hoping someone would've identified it but no! I don't know either but sure want to know so I make sure not to ever plant it. Would not want my neighbors upset at all:)

Leigh of Bloggeritaville said...

One cannot help but smilke when visiting your blog! I LOVE your garden, I too cannot wait for blueberry season to be in full swing. YUM!
I have never seen ginger plant, that I recall. It is gorgeous. As for the intruder plants, I have no answer. I wish I did, I would only have said what you have already tried. I hope someone can provide some help.Thanks for dropping by Bloggeritaville. I love new friends!

mlc said...

Oh my goodness. You do hate the unknown plant. I wish I could tell you what it is. Love the blueberries. We are not to that time, but soon I will have to cover the bushes to keep the nasty birds from eating them all. They eat them nearly green, and you have to watch out. I used to think it was just taking FOREVER for them to get blue, now I know the birds are eating them as soon as they start to get blue!!

Tootsie said...

wow...gas that plant...not sure what it is...if I find out.. I'll make sure to never plant it...maybe it is some sort of stink weed!!!
I have been planting like a maniac...more dirt under my nails, and other places than I would like...but it feels darn good!!!

Kara said...

So jealous of your blueberries! I am having such trouble with mine. I keep adding coffee grounds to acidify my alkaline soil, but they're such slow growers. We had to get a special hybrid to grow down here in the heat of Florida...

So sorry to hear about your weeds!

Carolyn said...

Wow! Blueberries already-it is August before we have them.
thanks for visiting me. About you're question-sorry we don't have a webpag as the tour companies do all that for us in Japan.
However, if you are coming to the island and would like to see our garden just send me an email and I will be happy to have you visit our garden. The Island is a beautiful place to visit with miles of beautiful beaches,lush green scenery,a slower pace lifestyle etc. Are you an Anne of green Gables fan? Many people who come here are-so they go to visit Green Gables and see the play at the theatre.
There are lots of beautiful B&B's or seaside cottages to stay in. It be would a great place to visit-but I could be biased.
Just let me know if you decide to come and I will have the teapot on!

thanks for visiting me

Dirt Princess said...

Catherine good idea...I will make a cute sign that says "Not mine"...LOL

Susie yes it is a canna...I have nmy days

Tina yes please be kind to your neighbors

Leigh thanks for visiting with me! Glad to have you. I will soon have tons of ginger blooming. So check back in with me, and you will see what it looks like. It does look alot like a canna plant wise, but the blooms are different.

mlc I need to cover mine NOW! What do you put over yours? I need something. The birds are feasting on a few of them. I have to pick the ripe ones everyday or they will get them.

Tootsie I know you are SO happy to be outside planting. I can't wait to see what you have in store for us!

Kara mine is a Climax Blueberry. I bought it at a local nursery. I just planted it last year. It has grown about 2-1/2 feet since I planted it. It did produce last year, but very little. This year it is loaded.

Carolyn - We are difinitely going to plan a trip to see your garden. I will let you know.

For all the other's you MUST go visit Carolyn's Garden, Aiken House and Gardens. YOu will be run on over and check it out

Jamie and Randy said...

DP Your unknown plant is Canna Florence Vaughn.:-)--Randy

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