Friday, May 1, 2009

English Gardens - Part 1

The summer of 2001 I had the pleasure of taking summer classes in England. It was probably one of the best trips of my life (#2, next to getting married in Hawaii being #1). I took the History of British Architecture and Interior Design. We only had class 2 days a week, so the other days I was free to roam as I wished. I was there 7 weeks, so I got to see a lot while I was there. I must say that England is my favorite place. The people are wonderful, and the architecture is mind blowing. I am so fascinated by the castles, and cathedral that were being built in 1099ad, and so forth, even up to the 1500's. The craftsman ship is unreal. I could go on forever about that, and I have some really great stories about all the places I went...but that would take another blog to do that. So I will keep it fairly short. Windsor Castle. A beautiful garden in the moat area. Winchester Cathedral
Versailles. Clearly this is not in England. I did spend a week in France. I didn't take many photos of Versailles, I had fallen down the Eiffel Tower 2 days prior to this trip and broke my tailbone, This day was by far the worst for me pain wise and mobility wise. I did tour the entire garden, but I was in so much pain that I really don't recall most of it. What a shame! I did buy a book on it. I bought a book everywhere I went. I came home with around 200 books from places I had visited. I occasionally thumb through by book on Versailles for refreshers.
Osterly Park. This one of my favorite houses. Partially because of the architect who designed it (Robert Adam), he was a genius. The grounds were beautiful. This is the bath house.
And then there is Dover. This was truly a jewel. This castle has evolved over many 100's of years. Parts of it were built in 1099, then it was gradually added on to. Henry VIII added a lot on to it. Elizabeth I built an entire new wing of it for her to live in. It is really quite amazing. I was often blown away by the fact that the very halls I was walking was once walked by Henry VIII, Elizabeth I, Queen Victoria, etc...really quite amazing to me.
View of Dover Castle from the road. Queen Elizabeth II was having tea at the castle they day we were there. I didn't see her. Here is Dirt Princess standing on the wall overlooking the ocean. We took that same ferry to France. I got a few shots of the white cliffs, but they weren't all that great. Add this one to your Bucket List. The white cliffs over Dover are a sight to be seen. I want to go back one day.
Walkway outside of the castle
Canterbury. What a neat enchanting place.
My friends and I at Kenwood Place.
St. James Park near Buckingham Palace
Unfortunately I was not into gardening when I took this trip. Which is a shame, because looking back at all my photos, and watching video I think I missed out on alot. I hope to go back one day soon and enjoy what I missed out on the first time. English Gardens - Part 2 coming up next!


Kim and Victoria said...

Trips to Europe are always so amazing. What really amazes me is people who say they didn't enjoy their time overseas.

Debbie said...

OMG The English pictures are just hypnotizing to me. My Grandmother came here from England when she was 2 and I've always, always wanted to go. LOVE the history of all the buildings. Just looking at the pictures almost makes you feel like you're going back in time. love, them, Love them, LOVE them.

Dirt Princess said...

K&V - there were a lot of people on that trip with me who didn't appreciate a thing. You have to appreciate the architecture and antiquity of places like that. It is amazing.

Debbie - I am so glad you enjoyed them.

Paris-Insider said...

Beautiful pictures! I am SO sorry that you fell down the Eiffel Tower and broke your tailbone - OUCH! I hope you were still able to enjoy the beautiful gardens of Versailles despite the pain... :-/

Thank you so much for sharing this!

Dirt Princess said...

Paris - I did enjoy my entire trip given the circumstances. i actually went to the louvre the next day!

Jan (Thanks For 2 Day) said...

My husband and I lived in Germany from 1985 to 1990. We travelled around when we could, but I wasn't 'into' gardening much then, either...and the gardens we visited. Just amazing. We do have many photos so at some point I'd like to scan them. Is that how you uploaded these, by scanning originals? I am not even sure where all of ours are...

Looks like you spent quite a while over there--almost 2 you really got a taste of life there. An experience you will always remember. Gorgeous photos of lovely places!

Jan (Thanks For 2 Day) said...

Also, I didn't mean to discuss Germany -- I've never been to England so your 'tales' are interesting to me. I've been to France, the Eiffel tower (can't believe you were hurt there!)--we had our daughter in a stroller-only a few months old--so of course, we had to carry her the whole way up and be sure not to fall!! We went to the Louve, too. Wonderful places. You are making me wish I could go back--and go to England this time.

EB said...

Great fun to see what you thought of places - although I've only seen about half of these! A lot of these places, we only tend to go to when we have visitors - daft really.

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