Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Early morning photos

I snapped a few photos early this morning before I left to go to work.... African Daisy, Purple Salvia, Hibiscus buds, Pentas A few daylilies
Blush Rose


Jesikarena said...

The rose is BEAUTIFUL!!
SO pretty!

Darla said...

Coming right along isn't it? Looks great.

cherry said...

everything is looking so pretty
love the picture of you and your mom.
hugs, Cherry

Ginger said...

Wow, you have so much color in your garden!! Those hibiscus buds are really cool looking!

Love the picture of you and your mom from the previous post :) y'all are precious

RainGardener said...

I guess I'm not familiar with Pentas but it sure looks pretty. Can't wait to see the Hibiscus in bloom. Everything is looking gorgeous!

Creative Country Mom said...

That rose is beautiful. For a second I thought it was one I had, lol. I love them all!! ~Brooke

Jamie and Randy said...

Those roses are great! We just can't grow hybrids here, too much blackspot. :-(

Prairie Chicken... said...

love the day lily..

FlowerLady said...

Those hibiscus buds are cool looking. Love that rose.


Dirt Princess said...

Thanks guys! The hibiscus buds are very unique

Jamie & Randy.....I am not 100% sure on this...but if that is the rose Mrs. Brown gave to me...it is not a hyrid. They do not grow any hybrids. I will find out for sure. Though I am 99% sure it is the one she gave me. I only bought 3 hybrids (Big Lots $3!), and one of them died. The remaining was light pink and yellow.

gardenerprogress/Catherine said...

What a nice way to start your day by seeing all of those pretty flowers. Have a good day at work!

Becca's Dirt said...

Nice morning shots. Love the rose. Becca

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