Monday, May 4, 2009

Productive Saturday....just not in my yard!

This post was intended for Saturday, since I was having problems uploading photos, you are getting it today, Monday :). Better late than never.
I got off to an early start Saturday morning. The Hunter has a lawn care business and he had 8 yards to cut Saturday. I was out in the yard around 7am getting some things done. Then I was going to meet him to help with his yards.
I got a few of the seedling planted, cosmos, lupine, zinnia, daisies, hollyhock. Then I had to pull weeds, and a lot of them! After an hour or 2 in the yard I was off to help The Hunter. I spent all day Saturday working in other peoples yards! I helped him cut 6 yards. It was a long, hot day! We didn't end up getting home until dark. But at least I did get a little bit done in my own yard. Coneflowers are doing great. Caladiums are finally coming up. Don't mind the weeds! I took photos before I weeded.
Fire Spike is doing well. This is one of my favorites. I can't wait for it to bloom!
Butterfly Ginger and Mexican petunia are filling out
Dinner Plate Dahlia is coming on up! I am really excited to see this one bloom. This is another $3 investment from Big Lots!
This is my very pitiful Angel Trumpet (brugmansia)! I dug it up from my grandmothers house back in August and planted it. I thought that is had died, but made it. As sad as it looks, at least it is growing.
Miniature Dahlia about to bloom. I planted these last year. I bought about 15 of them for $1 a piece! They came back and are doing well. Fortunately we don't have to dig up dahlias here during the winter months.
After I got the seedling planted I put out slug killer. Slugs will feast on those little seedlings and kill everyone of them. As you can see they have been enjoying this gerbera daisy!!!! Not for long though!
Slugs also enjoy dining on my hibiscus...hopefully they will snack on some slug bait and die!
Bat Face Plant (sorry it should have been rotated!) should be blooming any day now
And last but not least, miniature smells wonderful. I have 2 of these and they are doing wonderful!
I hope everyone had a great weekend. It is STORMING here today. We are under a tornado watch until 2pm. It is black as night outside right now. The rain is gladly welcome in my garden. We really needed a good rain. This will surely perk the plants up, and especially good for the little seedling that were just planted.


Darla said...

Your gardens are coming alive....we are waiting for rain, just a little will be fine, it's so dry here...

Kim and Victoria said...

Your garden looks great! We've had tons of rain here, I think it's finally stopped today.

Prairie Chicken... said...

yay for coneflowers! I'm starting a bunch from seed right now and seeing yours blooming makes me fart sunshine :)

Dirt Princess said...

Darla - the sun is out now...we got a really good rain. I know that all the plants enjoyed it

K&V - nothing does a garden good like rain water

Prarie Chicken - Let me know how your seeds do. I planted about 50 from seeds 2 months ago and to date NONE of them have come up..go figure! Really ticks me off, since they are my fave.

Ginger said...

well I think your yard looks amazing, esp. the coneflowers! I love that "weeds for sale" sign!

Just discovered the first slug damage of the year in my yard today. Off to buy some cheap beer to drown 'em!

Jesikarena said...

I love the sign! So cute!

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