Tuesday, May 19, 2009

New buds a poppin' up

New color is showing up everyday in the garden. I notice new buds around the garden everyday.
Lantana, Coleus, Wild Ageratum, Bee Balm Lantana, Althea buds, Hibiscus buds, Dinner Plate Dahlia
I have noticed ALL of my hydrangeas are blue, even if they were pink when planted. I still have 2 that have not bloomed, they were both pink when I planted them....so maybe they will be pink when they bloom.
When I started taking pictures of my flowers, it was only for decoration. I had a bare wall in my foyer, and I wanted to hang all of my flowers pics on it. I bought several different shapes and sizes of black frames, and I hung them on this wall......
I have tons of other flowers pics to add to this wall. I want it completely covered from floor to ceiling. What do ya'll do with all of your flowers photos? Another think I like to do with flower photos...... I like to paint. I love to oil paint....sadly I don't do it enough. I haven't painted since I got married. I just don't have the room. Such a waste. I had several other pictures of paintings, but I was unable to find them. They must be on my old computer. I actually got an art scholarship to college, but I changed majors and colleges and didn't pursue art. I do love it though. One of my goals is to find a place I can paint and get back to it. Here is another painting I did for my guest bedroom. It hangs over the bed. I painted it to match the bedding..... I have so many ideas of things I want to paint...I just need to make the space to do it. I enjoy painting flowers....go figure. It makes me sad that I don't do it as I should....hopefully oneday I will have a place I can paint, and do it everyday.
So what do you do with all of the flower photos you take?


mlc said...

I hope you get back to painting. Your picture collection reminds me of the collection we have on our dining room wall--except it is of our daughter's paintings. I love it when she paints. I've never printed any of my pictures..just take them, look at them on screen, sometimes remember my favorites. I love being digital for that reason. I really like your collages.

Outside In said...

Very nice, I love the wall full of flower photos. Some of the best artist are ones who starts later in life and you are still young.

The Impatient Gardener said...

Beautiful blooms you have coming there. The coleus is a stunner and I love the just-opening dahlia!

Darla said...

i have so been wanting to frame my flower photos, wasn't sure how they would look though. Now that I have seen yours I am inspired again. Lovely painting, don't let that gift go to waste, paint girl!!

Teri C said...

Your flower photos are beautiful and I am totally jealous that you have so much beauty in your yard! Tes, you sure need to get back to painting. This one is gorgeous. You could start small with ATCs and then trade with me lol!

tina said...

You are very talented! That wall of pictures looks great and so nice to be able to paint. I used to oil paint too. Mostly portraits, occasionally a landscape. I haven't painted in over 25 years but keep saying I'll get back to it. We can do it! For me it is a time thing. Probably too busy blogging and gardening:)

My Mother's Garden said...

I love your art! Photos, paintings, all of it! And what a great idea you had to display all of your garden photos. It must make a great statement in your foyer. I may have to try that one myself. I see an etsy shop in your future :)
Happy day~ Karrita

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Love all of your flowers, DP... We keep photo pages of all of our different flowers from year to year. It's fun to compare from one year to the next since it's always different.

We don't have another wall available to frame anymore pictures. Ha!!

Have a great day.

Joanne said...

Lovely phots I especially like the Hydrangea we have the reverse problem as we have chalk in the soil so all our are pink or white.

My Grandfather grew a hydrangea either side of a path and as a child I remember him saying that he put something on to make the blue stay blue I think it was iron but can't remember now certainly chalk makes them pink. All very clever.

gardenerprogress/Catherine said...

What a talented artist you are! I hope you do find the space to paint. I really like the one with the birds.
I like your idea with the flower photos, a great way to add color and see all of your pretty flowers.

RainGardener said...

You have talents we didn't even know. Keep framing and keep painting they are all really great. I painted for years only a bit with oils. I'm thinking about starting an album with my photos of flowers. I use to print them out. If you want your Hydrangea to turn back to pink you can lime it and there is something stronger you can buy at nurseries to make it go back but it's a pretty slow process. It's the soil. My pink lacecap is the most brilliant blue and I started to turn it back and everyone is so amazed by the blue I decided to leave it and buy another pink one. I'm keeping it in a pot so I can control the soil.

Ginger said...

Your art is great! I love how the blue birds pop on that black and white painting!

Kathleen from Eggs In My Pocket said...

The photos of your flowers on the wall are beautiful! What a wonderful way to brighten up a room. You have such a wonderful talent and you should get back into painting! Blessings,Kathleen

Amy said...

I love your Lantana, what a cheerful yellow. I think you should make some postcards or greeting cards with your beautiful photos. I think I'm gonna have to borrow your flower wall idea! Love it!

Jamie and Randy said...

I've been saying I'm going to hang my photos for a long time now, maybe it's time for me to start!

Susie said...

Your blooms are looking so pretty. But then again so is your wall of art. How beautiful. Unfortunately most of my pictures stay in my computer.

Dirt Princess said...

mlc - I love that you use your daughters artwork as decoration. Very sweet

Outside In - I get a lot of comments fro people when they visit. Especially during the winter when nothing is blooming

Impatient - I love coleus, I love all the colors. I have been snapping pics of the dahlia in bloom processes, I like to see it as it unfolds

Darla - You need to find a spot and hang up your photos.

Teri - I know I REALLY need to paint more. You are right...start small then work my way up. I definitely want to trade with you!

Tina - Wow...poratraits. Now thats hard!!! I could never paint people...to hard.

Karrita - Oh I don't know about that! It would take a lot of peices for me to have an etsy shop. It is something to think about though

Betsy - Isn't it amazing to see the changes when you look back on photos from the previous years

Joanne - Clearly my soil in does not have enough alkalinity to make them pink. I am fine with them being blue....let them do what they want. I don't care to go tinkering with the soil.

RG - I am fine with them being blue. It is interesting to see what they do in the soil. I just leave them alone. I have too many other things to do besides tinkering with the soil and trying to get my blues to turn pink. ya know.

Ginger - Thanks

Kathleen - Thank you :)

Amy - That is a good idea...make post cards...I haven't thought of that one.

J&R - You need to...it is really nice to display all of your hard work, and visitors are really impressed by it

Susie - Use those pics!!!

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