Friday, May 15, 2009

Daylily Lalapalooza

Last night we had our Garden Club meeting. It was originally supposed to be at Ramona's (The Hydrangea Queen) house. However, she had something come up and instead we had it at the Satsuma Library.
The Hydrangea Queen told me about this AMAZING blue lacecap hydrangea she had blooming, she told me to stop by and get a picture of it. Well that one picture turned into 100!!!
First I had to go to my next door neighbor' ya'll remember me telling you about all of her daylilies? I promised you pictures of them in bloom.
Let me refresh your memory....Mrs Sandra has over 3000 daylilies, 1500 types!!!!!!!!! It is really amazing.
I find it interesting how certain gardeners are interested in certain things. Mrs. Sandra like daylilies and roses. The Hydrangea will NEVER guess what she loves!!! LOL!! The Dirt Princess, well i'm not picky.........I take whatever God gives me!
I took 150 pictures of daylilies yesterday.....some of the same flower. I narrowed them down for ya'll. So here you
Click on the picture to enlarge She has some that are 8"+ wide. You can't tell from the photos.
Now let's mosey on over to The Hydrangea Queen's castle. I really don't know how many hydrangeas she has...I am going to guess 18. Seems like a good guess.
Can you spot the blue one I was telling you is a solid blue you see it?
I have already warned the Hydrangea Queen that I am coming over this weekend with clippers in hand! I am going to root several of these. The blue lacecap was a cutting someone else had given to her.
Now other odds and ends I photographed in my garden, Hydrangea Queen's and Mrs Sandra's garden yesterday.
Left to right: 1st row: Clematis, Clematis, Bat Face Plant, Canna
2nd row: canna, spider, hydrangea and lantern, Hydrangea Queen's garden
3rd row: Canna, crooked photo of canne (turn your head), Passion vine, Lantana
4th row: Passion vine, Lantana, roses, One of Mrs. Sandra's daylily beds
At the meeting we discussed some really great ideas. Some I can share now....some later. One is a plant sale that we will be doing. We are still working out the details. It will be a great sale though...lots of good plants. We want to do our own plants...root them, plant by seed, etc. We are leaning more towards heirloom plants...what do ya'll think. What do you look for when you go to plant sales...I need your ideas!!! Bedding plants, annuals, perrennials, specialty plants, heirloom plants? Leave me some ideas in a comment.
I will share the other idea was REALLY AWESOME!!!!!! I will let ya'll know involves a monthly community function...I will leave it at that for now!
I know it is FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have been a little busy this morning....but I have not forgotten about my sweet Kiki.....


Outside In said...

Wow! so beautiful! why don't you join the garden blogger's bloom Day? you post pictures of all the blooms you have on the 15th of every month. If you like to join just visit May Dreams Gardens and enter your name at the bottom. You always have such nice blooms why not show it off?

Dirt Princess said...

I know...I post before I ever therefore I don't know whats going on in the world...LOL! I will do so now!!

Darla said...

How wonderful to have seen all these blooms in person and get to photograph them to boot!

Frances said...

Hi Princess, wow, 3000 daylilies! That is incredible. How does she even begin to keep track of them, the names, locations, etc.? Now 18 hydrangeas is a lot, but at least manageable. All of both are exquisite. For plant sales, I prefer perennials, grouped by shade or sun. Many people like to be told that their purchase will return and grow much larger, as much info as possible on the labels.

EB said...

Oh I luuuuuuuuuurve the hydrangea pictures! I'd love a poster of that. (assuming a huge shipment of hydrangea plants is out of the question ;) )

Dirt Princess said...

Darla - they are amazing

Frances - She doesn't.....she couldn't tell you the name of one of them. Its really not her thing....names that is. Its all about the flower...she really could careless what the name is. All she knows if some are doubles, some are hybrids, some are old....LOL!

EB - hmmmm.....I just might work on that for you!!! I may root you some and shep them to you!!!! I may throw in a poster!! What do ya think?

gardenerprogress/Catherine said...

I can't imagine having so many daylilies! They are all so pretty. I wonder how she keeps track of them all. The hydrangea collage is very nice too.

Ginger said...

My gosh, those daylilies are amazing! I love the lacecap hydrangeas, too.
I love plant sales. The one the master gardeners hold every year here has a great assortment of perennials, annuals, shrubs, even trees for super cheap.

Heather said...

Very fun to see what everyone else has for interest (obsession)! I like everything too, that way when I kill something there is still something else I can grow!

Jesikarena said...

Great POST!!
I LOVE the hydrangea collage! WOW! I can't believe she has that many daylilies! OMG!
And I think getting those cuttings are a great idea!

Joanne said...

Lovely photos. I dob't get on so well with my Day lillies they are such thugs but some others are more dainty. The Hydrangers are lovely I garden on Calk so the blues are out for me. All Hydrangers take so easily from cuttings and I grow on in pots while they are still young and they make nice colour around near the house later in the summer.
When I think of plant sales I remember all the compost i used to size and mix with bought compost and sand for school avents one ear I sized 30 wheel barrow loads of my compost well half full until i mixed with bags of compost and sand. I must have been mad but the plant sale always goes down ell at this time of year.

Miss Laura Lu/RMS4291960 said...

Hello! I just came over from Tootsie's blog! I love your name! and your blog is beautiful! I am married to a hunter too! I am gonna find me a lace cap this year!!! I bought one several years ago and when it bloomed it was a regular hydrangea and I'm still working on getting it to bloom blue instead of pink! I love to garden but don't spend the time I need keeping it up! I usually end up fighting mildew and insects! I live in Memphis and so far we're getting a fair amount of rain! We've been suffering from drought the last couple of years! I look forward to keeping up with your blog! God Bless! Lauralu :)

Dirt Princess said...

Hi Laura Lu!!! Glad you wondered over from Tootsie. Yep I am married to a hunter, but so is he!! I hunt as well!!! I prefer to bow hunt and turkey hunt. I do deer hunt just falls last on my list. I am hoping to get rain here today. It has rained every day this week here, but we only got 15 minutes of rain one of those days. Yesterday while I watered, it thundered all around me, and the sky was black...and no rain!!! Today we are expected to get 60%....I hope so!!

Here is a link to hydrangeas on how to change them...hope it helps you.

mlc said...

Grand collages. Yess, it is amazing what people like and how many some have and know them all. OMG. I used to go a ladies house that collected Iris's. She had, I kid you not..a field full of Iris's. All planted in little raised rows with name tags. Those kinds of people inspire the rest of us. I know what you mean about hunting. I hunt..but it's not first, and I try to encourage the rest of the family to place it in a respectable spot. LOL

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