Monday, May 2, 2011

This is a Nightmare............HELP PLEASE

I hope that one of ya'll can help me!!!! I am about to have a coronary!!!

Blooger is through Google, which uses Picasa for picture albums.
Well today I was told I had exceeded my Picasa limit, and it wouldn't let me upload any photos. I had reached my 1 GB limit.

Well I had always thought that my photos were stored on my computer AND Picasa. So I thought I would delete a few folders out of Picasa and free up some disk space.


I thought about this halfway through my deleting of my folders and checked the recycle bin. ALL of the folders I was deleting were going in there. So I promptly hit RESTORE all folders.

I thought this had fixed part of the problem....and it did.

But the ONE folder I didn't want to lose.

I have a folder on my desktop called BLOG. It is everything that I have ever used on my blog, every picture, every header, EVERYTHING. It is alllllll gone!!!!!

It didn't restore, and I am sick to my stomach.

I logged into Picasa and upgraded (so now after I have lost everything I have 20GB to store photos that I don't have). Only old albums from 2009 were shown. It said it didn't have web album access!?!?!?!

So if I didn't delete my Blog folder, and restored it (or so I thought) how can I get it back????

None of the above may make a lick of sense seeing how I am having a full blown panic attack.

Please email through my Kontactr icon (on the right side) or leave a comment if you can help me with this anyway. I would really appreciate it.


Darla said...

I do hope someone can help you!! Outer body experiences aren't any fun and you clearly are having one.

Nezzy said...

I'm so sorry this happened. I do know when ya run outta space on Picasa you can purchase more space fairly cheaply. I've heard others talk about it.

I would go to the Picasa/Google forum and post your problem and sign up for the email notification and someone that knows should answer your question.

Good luck and I pray that you recover your beautiful pics.

Kim and Victoria said...

Gees April. I don't know. Have you tried blogger help?

NellJean said...

I'm having trouble seeing the font on your blog today, but I think I understand what has happened. Your blog is intact as far as I can see, pictures are still there. Is what you lost files you saved of previous headers and pics not on the blog? Have you searched your hard drive for that file? Maybe it wasn't with your other pictures or documents but in a different folder? Try to stay calm. I hope you get it worked out.

tina said...

Oh goodness, what a mess. These things happen. I am so totally not sure on how to restore your folders. You might call in a pro. I do know that if you delete folders from Picasa it deletes them from the blog. I too learned this-the hard way. The link is directly to the Picasa albums.

Here is what I did when I recently ran out of Picasa space. I had been checking on it and knew the time was coming. I went and opened a Flickr account rather than pay to have to store photos for a blog I now have a free account that is easier to navigate than Picasa! I do have to cut and paste the code but it is not a bad thing and I really like it. This will help you with new photos but not with old. Sorry.

Tootsie said...

you might have to ask Darla...or purchase more space like I did from Google. I also bought my domain name. Sorry girl!!! I know how awful that feels! Darla might have more info than I do!

bangchik said...

I had similar probably a few months ago about not being able to upload photos, exceeding limit it said. I paid the subscription and I am alright after that. I didn't try to delete anything then....

Deleting photos in the internet storage is understandable, but why folders in the computer?.... As long as you didn't hit empty recycle bin..., that folder should be there... somewhere. Bring the computer to any expert, or vendor, they should be able to figure it out....

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