Monday, May 16, 2011

Mobile Botanical Gardens 2011 Gallery of Gardens Tour - Hand Garden

What a weekend! I had wonderful weekend of fun, and I hope you all did too!

Friday, the Hydrangea Queen, Mrs. Gayle & myself attended the Mobile Botanical Gardens 2011 Gallery of Gardens Tour. What a treat that is! There were 10 gardens on the tour. Of course, I took close to 1,000 pictures so I could share them all with ya'll.

So for the next 10 days, each post will be a different garden.

Today we will start out with the Hand Garden.

I loved how she had laid out the boxwood's

We kept seeing these deep purple hydrangeas at various gardens. We later found out that most of them were originally Cardinal Red hydrangeas and due to the soil, they turned this deep purple.

I know this was a garden tour.....but I am a sucker for a good out door space.....

Isn't this fabulous!

What a great space to have a dinner party, or a tea. I would never go inside!!!!

Ok, one down, nine more to go! Hope you guys will come back to see the other gardens on tour.

See ya'll tomorrow


Becca's Dirt said...

Beautiful landscaping. I love the patio area - it is so inviting and the fireplace makes it so cozy too. Wish I'd known about the garden tour. I've got to start taking the newspaper.

Karen said...

What a beautiful garden, I loved the boxwoods and the formal feel of it all. The hydrangeas are so pretty too. What I would give to have that little garden shed and the outdoor living area is amazing! Keep 'em coming....I'll be back!

Lona said...

Wow! What a gorgeous garden. I love the outdoor room too April. But I like the added touches to this garden as well. The old fashioned swing for one. I would really like to have that Garden shed. I am going to enjoy going on this garden tour to different homes with you.

hand painted by cheryl said...

I love the garden tours.They are great!!!!

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