Thursday, May 26, 2011

Mobile Botanical Gardens Gallery of Gardens Tour 2011 Garden #7 Stella's Garden

Day #7 of Mobile Botanical Gardens Gallery of Gardens Tour

Today you will see Stellas' Garden.

The house was very modern, and at first I wasn't sure what we were going to see.

As we entered the garden I could see how large the property was

All throughout the property were small gardens, fountains, artwork, etc.

Every now and then you would have a little burst of blue blooms courtesy of the hydrangeas

This statue sits out in front of the pool and is lines with palm trees

I loved this pool and the loggia

I really liked these chairs! They are pretty snazzy if you ask me

This tree was a twisted mulberry tree. One of the ladies on the tour was calling it an arthritis tree...LOL

I was told that this was Stella's kitchen garden, but after her death, perrenials & annuals were planted here

Hope you enjoyed Stellas' garden. See ya'll tomorrow


Darla said...

It is a more formal garden to me. Very pretty and well cared for.

Karen said...

I love all the blue hydrangeas, so pretty. And the fountains are amazing, very restful and yet exciting to see. I wonder how long it takes to shape all the the effect though. I'm so happy to go along on these tours, thank you for posting them!

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