Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Mobile Botanical Gardens Gallery of Gardens Tour 2011 - Garden #6 Speegle Garden

Day #6 of Mobile Botanical Gardens Gallery of Gardens Tour
Today's garden is the Speegle Garden

This yard, like the others, was mostly shade.

I like the brick detail

I also liked the flagstone used for a walkway. Makes it feel more natural

This potting shed was wonderful! I would love to have a little spot like that.

After working in the garden, on a long hot day, you could step inside and relax

or just sit out on the porch and have some lemonade

This is the inside of the potting shed. I loved the old barn wood used on the walls. There was also a potting area, and a gym. You could garden, pot some plants, work out and then take a nap!

Nikko Blue Hydrangea's lining the walkway

Only a few more gardens to go. Hope ya'll will stick around


Darla said...

That's one fancy potting shed!

Lona said...

Another beautiful garden April. I love the brick home. Isn't that potting shed to die for? Love it and the covered setting area. Some peoples outdoor rooms are better than my house. LOL!

Stephanie said...

That shed is perfect for a sleepy person like me... it's afternoon here now and I am sipping coffee to keep meself awake. Thanks for the garden tour. Very beautiful hydrangeas!

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