Thursday, May 12, 2011

The Queen's Attic

No...I'm not talking about the Dirt Queen's attic. This is a consignment store called The Queen's Attic. I just went for the first time a few weeks ago. It is a great little shop. People rent out a booth & display their goods. They have all sorts of goodies!

Dishes, tea cups, name it, they have it somewhere

They had some great jewelry as well!!!

The Dirt Queen was with me when I went & we thought this wreath was really cute.

There was stuff everywhere!!!

Alot of old antique dolls & toys

Some very nice and inexpensive pewter pieces

I liked these frames made from driftwood.

They also had a lot of  stuff with crowns on it. I didn't buy any...but I took some pictures for ya'll to see. Apparently crowns are the "In" thing. I've known that for quite some time now ;-)

This little pearl necklace had a crown on it. It was really cute and I almost bought it

This one was a little too flashy for me. I'm sure all of my friends who read my blog just took a big gasp over that statement. I am a lover of big, gaudy, flashy jewelry....but I do have my limit.

Then there were purses with crowns embellished on them. I didn't get a purse because I need another purse about like I need an 11th toe.

It is a pretty neat place though. They had some really nice furniture pieces that you could do alot with.

I have been going to several consignment/antique shops recently just checking them out. So far they have all been great, but one has stood out above all others. So next week I will take ya'll to this place :-).

See ya'll tomorrow for Fertilizer Friday & by the is Tootsie's birthday! Ya'll go on over there to Tootsie Time and wish her a happy birthday.


Lona said...

Wow, so many goodies! I love these kinds of shops. I usually roam around and around in them. LOL! I would love the wicker shelf and the little wicker chair. So pretty.To me that is a fun day.

Nezzy said...

Girl, ya read my mind. I was thinkin' that this was a post on the Dirt Queen's attic. :o)

It looks like a marvelous place to spend some time...and moola!

Have a blessed day sweetie!

I think ya needed one of those purses.

Darla said...

I would love to be able to rent a booth and sell stuff....

Please sign my guest book :)




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