Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Dirt Queen Day

Happy Mother's Day to all you mothers out there! Today is my special tribute to the Dirt mom.
The picture above is an envelope from a card I gave her a LONG time ago.

My mom grew up in a small town, in an old 4 room shotgun house. She didn't have a bathroom in her house, and had to bathe in the creek.

These are photos of my mom when she was a little girl. She is the second oldest of 7 kids. My grandma used to roll her hair with newspaper, and let the neighbor cut my moms hair.

I'm sure my mom had no idea that she would one day grow up to be a queen. 

This was the day she married my Dad.....40 years ago. I love her dress. Wish I still had it.

She didn't learn how to drive until she was 25. Here she is posing in front of my Dad's Road Runner...wish he still had it too!

My mom taught 4th grade for 28 years. She is now retired.

After they were married a few years, my brother came along.  

She let my brother wear his cowboy boots where ever he went, and was usually accompanied with his guitar.

We always had the best birthday parties.
 My E.T.( you know...E.T. the Extra terrestrial?)
 party was one of my favorites.

She kept all of our artwork

And all of our homework. One of us was really smart & the other one was really creative. Ya'll can figure out which is which after you read this post ;-)

This is so funny to me!!!!  

My brother went from a cowboy wearing, guitar toting cub scout....

to an Eagle Scout.

And then there's me........(enjoying a marshmellow egg at Easter)

It took me forever to grow hair.

I liked to dress myself, draw on stuff and make stuff. My mom would bring me home old wall paper books, and paper ream boxes and I woulod make my Barbie's houses. I also like to draw floorplans for my dolls. We weren't involved in sports, or dance. Nothing like that. We played outside and entertained ourselves. We built huts in the woods, and got dirty.

This is one of my favorite childhood pics. My mom swears to me that this was the style!!! LOL! I look like a little boy!!!

I would make cards for my mom (and she kept them)

She helped me learn to read, write & spell. She always read to us & bought us plenty of books. One of us like to read....and the other....

like to draw!!! I drew in EVERY book I could get my hands on!

I look back at these books now, and I promise ya'll that I drew on 75% of the pages.  

I guess she got tired of that. and bought me some construction paper.

A large part of our childhood was spent at my grandparents place. We ran around carefree. We went bare footed, and had no fear. We would swim in the creeks and play in the barn. 

 My mom even loved us during our "awkward" phases. Ugh!!!
I wanted a perm in the 4th grade and my hair wouldn't take I ended up looking like that!!!

My mom has done so much for the both of us. She helped us to become the people we are today.

The cowboy boot wearing, guitar picking, Eagle Scout.......

.... he went on to become a District Court Judge.

Then there's me.......

I went on to be a Princess.....well ok,  an Interior Deisgner, own my own business and design awesome buildings.

When I was looking for some pictures to use for this post, I realized something.
My mom kept every card we had ever given her.

Even this one....

Let me re-phrase that...."you are the best mom in the world except for that one time that you tried to perm my hair" LOL!!!! Whew....that is some baaaaadddd hair ya'll.

One year we even gave her the SAME card!!!!

So to my mom, I think you have done a fine job.
 I only hope that I can one day be the mother that you were to us.
I Love  you 


Peggy said...

Happy Mopther's day to you, great post!

Jan@Thanks for today. said...

Sweet tribute to your mom;-) I enjoyed reading about you and your brother, too. My mom saved every card I ever gave her, as did both sets of my grandparents. I now have the boxes, filled with stuff from all of them, somewhere in my basement or attic;-) My mom gave me a perm in kindergarten...can you believe that?! It was fuzzy and stiff on one side, and straight/flat on the other!

Nezzy said...

Aren't Mom's the best!!! Mine has scrapbooks filled with the works of my first several years of school too. It's fun to raffle through 'em.

Loved this post and tribute to your beautiful Queen Mom! The pictures were just terrific.

God bless and have a great week sweeite! :o)

Dirt Princess said...

Thank you all! Glad to know I wasn't the only one with a bad perm

xoxoxo said...

Hey! I am April too and I had a bad perm in the 4th grade and grew up with a pixie as well!
Nice to meet you and your mom! and I am off to peruse your blog.

Please sign my guest book :)




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