Thursday, May 5, 2011

Who Says It's Junk!

I love old stuff and other people's "junk". I don't see junk, I see the endless possibilities of what I can do with it. Junk is just a lost treasure to me.

I found these old architectural corbels at a local antique store and HAD to have them! I always see smaller corbels, but never this large. They were calling out my name. I immediately had a vision of what I was going to do with them.

I don't know how old they are, but they are beautiful.

The details on them are amazing

I like the old coats of chipped paint on them.

It just adds character to me

Once I had a vision, I had to find the other components I needed to bring my vision to life.
I picked up this old railing, and an old door.

Many of layers of paint on that railing. There is a beautiful terracotta color under all those layers. I can only imagine where it was in its former life.

I had originally planned on using an old 6 panel door from my grandparents old house. However, it wasn't in as good as shape as this door.

It just needed a little cleaning

The Dirt Queen had some old iron gussets she was kind enough to let me have. I needed two of them. They don't match and I don't care....just more character.

So once I had all I needed, I made this desk. I have a piece of glass on order for the top of it. I am keeping the door knob on it, and the glass will go around it. It was slightly un-level due to the carpet, so I had to put that piece of wood under it. But the wood isn't staying here. When I get a place of my own, and move, then I will level the desk.

I absolutely LOVE it. It may look like a pile of junk to some people.....but its my junk.

Speaking of junk....I probably should have moved the trash can out of the picture LOL!

It is higher than your average desk, and I knew that going in to it. But I don't care. I can get a higher chair. I didn't want to cut anything off those corbels to make it lower. Its 32" high where an average desk is 28". That's the reason the monitor is sitting on the desk for now. It was too high to sit back on top of the computer. I don't want a crick in my neck!

Everyone keeps asking me if I am going to paint it. The answer is NO! I have no plans of painting it. I like the mismatched, beat up, flaky paint on it. To each his own.

Some of you may remember one of my more famous junk finds....

And I'm not referring to Mr. & Mrs. Potato Head.

I am talking about Bilbo. Little Bilbo that I paid $3 for at my favorite consignment shop.
Bilbo travelled around the world and was able to visit 21 different bloggers in 7 different countries.

I promised all of Bilbo's hosts that I would make a photo book that chronicled his travels

So here is the cover of that book

This was one of the photo's taken by Nic at Nip It In the Bud. It was taken in Gloucester Cathedral. I will admit that I was flabbergasted when I first saw this photo. It was such a beautiful picture to me. Far cry from the junk store Bilbo came from. You can only see the top of Bilbo's head due to the size of the cover. The book will be 7" x 7".

The book will feature the posts of each person that hosted Bilbo.

I hope to have it completed within a month. It will then be ready for purchase. This was such a fun, amazing experience & experiment for me. I wanted to be able for each host to have something to remember this by.

I will keep ya'll updated on the book! And if you don't know about Bilbo, then you should! You can read all of his adventures, they are shown on my right side bar with links to each of his hosts.


Becca's Dirt said...

I love your new desk. Unique and you have a one of a kind there too. Very creative. Bilbo fans will be happy to check out all of his adventures.

Nezzy said...

I adore the character of your new desk! I wondn't paint it's charmin' just the way it is! Just goes to show you that one man's junk is another man's (gal's) treasure. Woohoo!

I loved havin' Bilbo visit the Ponderosa, although he was not use to the hard labor of farm livin'! Heeehehe!

Have a super blessed day sweetie! :o)

Matron said...

I still have very fond memories when Bilbo came to stay with me in London. I'll be sending you some of my photos!

nic @ nipitinthebud said...

that's going to be some book with all Bilbo's globe trotting adventures.
I'm chuffed that you chose one of my snapshots for the cover.
take care, Nic

rachel said...

Your new desk is great! I love all the character it has! I'm a fellow "junk" lover too!

Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

I love your new desk. I don't see junk at all, just an amazing and unique piece of art/furniture.
I can't wait to see Bilbo's book. I'll try to get those pictures to you soon. I forgot about all of the places he went, so cool.

CanCan said...

I love your desk! I would be tempted to use some enamel paint. I know i'm weird.

bangchik said...

When someone thought an item is old, out of place, it is a junk. Give attention, care and a bit of limelight, the junk is no more a junk ~ a treasure. Your desk is an art!! The front cover of Bilbo travels is awesome.... A sequel to Gulliver's travels yea?

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